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Fountain Pen for School?

My fellow pen lovers, I am in search of a fountain pen for schools. Now, I am a high school student and like most (all) of you know, school is rough on your pens and often leads to the death of them. I am in search of a durable fountain pen that can survive the "stresses of high school." My criteria is: <$200, a fine writer ("Japanese" fine), durable, and a "better than average writing experience."

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lately I've been enjoying a wing sung 618. $12 +shipping on eBay.
As a student, you don't have nor should you be spending much money on a pen, unless you had worked for it yourself, and you may lose it or drop it in a hurry. So I strongly recommend the TWSBI Eco for the following reasons:
1) Affordability
2) Able to handle some knocks with the pen cap screwed tight
3) Able to hold lots of ink
4) You can see how much ink you have left
5) They have lots of bright colours - not boring and dowdy like black and silver
I’d just second the Lamy Safari with a (F) nib. If you want a pen that is little heavier, the Lamy ALStar, also with a (F) nib.

These are sturdy as the devil, and write supremely well and consistently. Caveat is that the cartridges and converters are proprietary. But the converter lets you use off-the-shelf bottled ink.

Also second the warning about buying Lamy pens off Amazon. Because the Lamy brand is so well regarded, there are a fair number of knockoffs.

Levenger.com is a reliable source for the Lamy Safari ($37) and Lamy AL-Star ($47), and the Z24 converter ($6). The Safari and AL-Star come in a variety of bofy volurs.
I also believe $200 is an unnecessary price point. Some of the most durable pens are well under $100. Even $50. Here are some durable pens I own with nib equivaents:

1. Pilot: Metropolitan (F), Lucina (F)
2. Faber Castell Loom (EF)
3. TWSBI ECO (EF), VAC 700R (EF, a tank!)
4. Vintage Pelikan 120 (F)
5. Kaweco Allrounder (F)
6. Lamy ALstar (F)

most Chinese pens appear durable
at first but they often fail at the nib/feed section. Also
my experience has been that the converters detach and leak their ink inside the barrel.

Do not get an eye dropper! if you leave a bookbag in the hot sun it will explode all its ink!

Check out Karas kustoms. Their pens are extremely durable. Looking at about 90 dollars. I personally like the weight of the copper one, but that boosts the price up to about 130.
Seconding the TWSBI ECO. I'm kind of new to fountain pens, but I suspect it's a little bit like servers, where MTBF (mean-time-between-failures, how resistant something is to breaking) is a less useful approach than MTTR (mean-time-to-repair, how easy it is to replace or fix a broken thing). You will probably have many more hours of comfortable note-taking and essay-writing from rotating through three ECOs (or even like ten Platinum Preppies) than trying a single "indestructible" $150 pen.
$200 is too much money for a high school kid to spend on a fountain pen. Buy a TWSB Eco for around thirty-bucks and send me the other $170. Don't worry; you'll be thrilled with the TWSB.
When you graduate, I'll send the rest of your money back.
It’s not Japanese but Kaweco (German) Supra is Brass and very tough. Fun to write with. I don’t write with fine nibs so you might want to see if anyone else can comment about Kaweco nibs. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/kaweco-liliput-supra-brass.
There are plenty of seriously tough pens in your price range, but none of them Japanese.
Your best bet is the Ensso Piuma Titanium fountain pen with EF Bock nib, which is as close as you can get to a Japanese fine. The Titanium version of the Ensso Piuma with Titanium EF is frequently offered here on Massdrop for just under $100. The aluminum and brass versions are even cheaper and are available with an EF steel nib.
All three versions are pretty much indestructible.
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