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Steinhart Divers

I am seeig a lot of interest for the Steinhart Divers in the polls. They are some very beautiful watches and from what I can tell well made. Does anyone know if Massdrop has contacted them to see if it is possible to get it as a drop? There are over 1000 votes for the Steinhart Ocean One Black in the polls so there is definately some serious interest from the members.

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Is this a homage to the Invicta Mako Pro Diver Automatic, 8926OB? Not bad, though they got some of the details wrong, like leaving out the display back and the genuine Japanese movement.
please tell me that’s a joke 😭
The watch that is pictured is incredible. My wife saw what i was looking at and she commented on it as well. Id be a buyer on that for sure.
They are amazing time pieces
specially the ovm and the black ceramic!!

I am really hoping that they would have a drop for the Ocean Titanium
I wouldn't mind to add a gmt.

My vote would be for Squale or Halios instead of Steinhart. I think they have better designs and/or history behind those brands.
I would be in for this one instantly
I've been waiting for a while now for massdrop to list a few models and the interest from the public is there. Not sure what the problem is. Come on MassDrop, do the right thing!!!
It is time for this drop to happen.
I love my Steinhart O1 GMT (ceramic bezel)! The quality, attention to detail, and value is out of this world! Just a beautiful piece. I have this on on an Erika's Original MN strap. It is one of the most comfortable bands I own and really works well with the military aesthetic/James Bond diver thing.
Check out Erika's stuff is AWESOME! Plus Erika is a wonderful super nice woman!
(not a paid advertising they just rock!)
Right? Been bugging them for months now. I like the pilot watches the most but I would love a vintage 1 diver
The gmt looks really good, very tempted

Love Steinhart
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By the way, once you get it please let me know if you end up having to pay any customs fees or not.
No customs, etc. All included in the cost from the manufacturer.
I'd be in for the OCEAN 44

i like this watch
I'd be in.
I'd love for this drop to happen, I'd buy a couple for sure