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Reshelling: How, When and Worthy?

Here are my JH audio Angie CIEM reshelled. I spent 4 months for this dealing and i'm wondering was it a good deal? I bought in may an JH audio Angie demo CIEM for 400 USD just why there was the reshelling problem. The vendor told me there was an ukrainian company Ambient Acoustics that I contacted. I sent the monitors in Ukrain toghether with my ear impressions and half June the reshelled Angie was back in Italy. The cost of this deal with shipment was around 350 USD. In total 750 USD to obtain the result you can see in the pictures. I'm happy? Yes I'm starting the undestand CIEM. I have several IEM but CIEM are different in terms of sealing and fitting. Need some time find the right way to use the CIEM and also time to obtain the right sound. But you think the sound of a reshelled CIEM will be equal, similar or completely different from the original one? Actually my experience is limited and i'm trying to understand if reshelling is a convenient way to obtain very expensive CIEM monitors.

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there's a chance where the reshell company will mess up the tuning, changing the sound signature. since jh audio doesnt do their own reshell? i think...
u just have to check out reviews of the reshell company.
personally i chose ciem over iem any day due to much better isolation and bass.
Initially the sound of reshelled Angie was very close and with a prevalence on the left. I wrote to the Ambient Acoustic guys and they told me that they have the graph of the original Angie and the graph of the reshelled one. Anyway, after one month the reshelled Angie are much better, not completely open with a compressed soundstage. But I like the isolation and the fitting compared to universal IEM.
I'm averse to customs as they limit the resale market, a lot of people don't want to go through the hassle/cost of reshelling. Some OEM's don't offer reshelling services or only for a limited number of owners. If you've found a good 3rd party and are fine with limited resale market I say go for it.
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