Jul 12, 2018

Any amps for Audeze lcd series headphones ?

Hello all, long time lurker and first time posting. I have been watching and waiting for an Amp that would do either of my Audeze headphones any justice but I have yet to see any that actually measure up based on specs and reviews. I have the lcd 2 and the lcd-xc headphones from Audeze and I have been trying very hard to find an amp that will do at least 1 watt because based on my own testing you really do need some power to make those headphones shine. When connected to my AK Kaan, balanced out, I don’t feel as if I am getting enough power out of them like when I am running my IFI SE Amp but at the same time I want a nice tube amp to be run directly from the AK, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Those Audeze headphones really need high current amplifiers to shine, tube amps are high voltage amplifiers that are better with high impedance headphones than planars. That's not to say you can't have a tube amp with your Audeze, it's just not optimal. If you really want to go the tube route, your best bet would be tube amps with transformer output, these transformers turns voltage into current, but are not cheap. Something like a Woo WA6SE or Auris HA2SE would work well with your Audeze.
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