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Favorite and Beginner Artisan Keycaps

I have recently taken a high interest into the mechanical keyboard community, and I would like to start getting just a few nice looking artisan keycaps that would work with most situations on any keyboard, such as gems, or whatever. What are all of your favorite artisan keycaps, and what artisan keycaps would be a good start for a beginner?

@BlueCrowned KeyForge has the Salt Sale going on, I submitted my info into the raffle. I am feeling a bit of anxiety though because never spent $70 on a keycap before. haha half of me wants to win and the other half wants me to lose.
Oh yeah I don't have $70 to spare right now. Good luck!
I do, but very hesitant to spend it on my first artisan. I wish it had more color to it though but LEDs can shine through it, so maybe i can make something work beautifully
Idea23 makes some good looking cheap beginner artisans, my favorite artists are Jelly Key, Idea23, hot keys project and whoever makes seacaps (forgot her name, she's on reddit).
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Yeah! Keyforge is cool. Most artisans are very limited so you'll want to check /r/mechmarket regularly and subscribe to the mailing lists for any makers that have one
People keep suggesting using reddit for buying sneakers and keycaps, but I always get nervous about being scammed with replicas/fakes and or just not receiving the right product or the right product but not in the right condition. What do you do to prevent such things from happening?