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PSA: The Ergodox Configurator Is (a)Live Again

Way back when the original Ergodox drop happened, building custom layouts was a fairly laborious and tedious task. As a side project, our most seniorest engineer (@jasper) built the configurator to help make the process more intuitive and a whole lot simpler.
Since then, the site has experienced a number of changes both on the front and back end to increase efficiency and more importantly, security. Because the configurator lived in it's own little world, much of these changes passed over it and left it in a kind of vulnerable state.
So it was decided that the configurator needed to catch up with the rest of the site and was given a much needed reboot. Thanks to the engineering team, the configurator is back online with the same functionality and with an improved front end.
Happy configuring everyone.
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Seriously how do you add the function key? Also all the media keys do not work for mac. Also also the fact the key listing scrolls off screen is extremely frustrating.
Thank you by the way for doing this. Probably still one of the best and no nonsense configurators out there for the ergodox og.
Thanks for the work!! I haven't used it in a while, really for lack of need since my original config, but decided to do some more tweaking. I thought I remember that I could clear a key assignment (i.e., make it blank as if it had never been set). I don't see a way to do this here. Am I missing something? Is there a way to "clear" the key rather than starting from a blank set and reconfiguring it? Thanks for any help you can offer.
Any update on how to unassign a key? That's a pretty glaring omission if it's actually missing.
Can you provide a link for us with 80 keys?
Thanks for adding the ability to delete layouts!
I'm unable to download hex files or source, though. I'm using Chrome 54. Is this known incompatibility? Is there anything I should try?
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It should work now.
Confirmed! Thanks for looking into this.
Really appreciated.
Thanks for the Gene wilder Alex ^^ I still miss him and it's nice to see a updated configuration come back. I'll probably never get a ergodox, to daunting even for me, but I'm happy to see something helpful released for that community.
Wilder is always the right choice.
This is a pretty cool move considering you guys haven't sold a classic Ergodox kit in a long time. Respect.
Big thank you's to @jasper( and @stender(
Who haven't done their profiles yet :|