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Input on how to improve hand writing?

I am left handed. I would really love to improve my terrible handwriting. What would you see as my best options? Taken it back to elementary days and print some worksheets out? If so, are there any nice ones that you would like to share with me and I could maybe pick from one? I don't even know cursive and I would really like to learn a nice, unique variation of that. Later on I would love to move on to a fountain pen. Right now I am writing with a Rotring 800 pencil mainly and a couple of inexpensive pens such as the TUL and Sharpie Pen.

Thank you in advance. All input is appreciated.

I had terrible handwriting and got thrashed with the cane until it improved and now I get the occasional compliment. If that's a bit drastic, try thinking of the fountain pen nib as a brush, not a ballpoint. Learn to 'paint' your letters, not use the fountain pen nib as a ballpoint pen. Write slowly and get faster only when you can do so neatly.
Start with slightly larger font sizes, before progressing to smaller ones after gain confidence and stability in your control
Going back to fountain pens a few years ago helped me. Getting into flex nibs helped me even more. Mind you, it's not that changing your writing instrument will magically improve your hand writing. It doesn't. All it does is free you from bad writing habits acquired with the writing instruments you are used to. This allows you to start fresh and get it right this time... with practice, of course, and good work sheets/workbooks, etc. It's also that a more challenging writing instrument does just that: challenge you. You always get better results when there's a challenge involved. It's like changing your work-out routine, learning a new language, or learning to paint or pick up a musical instrument. You know, brain flexing.
Thank you kindly for your input. As for those workbooks/workswheets, are there any that you would recommend?
I just looked for Copperplate writing samples online and followed their lead. Loosely. I made my own worksheets for a while; basically just a diagonal grid. If you are looking into Copperplate, https://www.amazon.com/dp/0517101343/?coliid=I2F2XV0IZ3TBT4&colid=3NQM8RLFJIBWT&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it comes highly recommended. Honestly, I think it doesn't matter what style you attempt. As long as you have at it, you'll see improvements in general. It's what you discover about your writing habits. Anything from how you hold your pen, to the size of your handwriting, to how you 'shape' your letters... You'll be more motivated if you find out for yourself what works best for you, rather than being told what is proper. Explore, have fun.