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key players in the watch space

one of the better graphics representing what's actually going on in terms of who's actually moving the board pieces around in this game.


that's all.
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Is this a list limited to brands officially distributed in USA? I'm pretty sure Seiko has more brands than Orient and Pulsar (like Alba).
yes primarily a western market list, that is why you don't see West End Watch Co, Titoni, Roamer, Enicar, etc. Citizen has a few Japan only subsidiaries too not listed, again just a graphic i came across and though not complete it was among the best and pretty comprehensive for the Western markets
Micro brands have really took off in recent years. Keeps things interesting in my opinion.
they are certainly more ubiquitous as a segment, but i was mainly pointing out the big volume movers and those with robust AD and distribution channels. but yes the MBs can be fun, though there are watchgroups that just one or two of their brands could move more total units into the space than probably all the micros combined, probably orders of magnitude greater good point :-)
Oh yeah you bring up some very interesting points. Ones that I don’t think I’ve fully explored.