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Ferrum Forge launched a budget line; looks familiar

Check this out: https://www.bladehq.com/cat--Ferrum-Forge-Folding--3244

I understand everybody is trying to make a living, but these look a little too familiar for my taste. I mean, for hells sake, look at that blade! A big selling point for the FF/MD /We collaborations was that they were they only way to get a FF-designed and branded piece w/o actually spending >$500 and buying a FF-made knife.

One interesting thing to note: they're made in China but it doesnt specify by whom. So it looks like it's not a genuine partnership a with the manufacturer, as is it is w/ We on the MD collab knives, but just the old-school arrangement of contracting with a factory or factories to produce the pieces. 10 yrs ago that was the best (and sort of ONLY) way to do it, but these days there are enenough reputable Chinese manufacturerss that I would much prefer to know exactly who made my knives, see their logo on the piece, and consequently have access to their warranty, customer service, etc. So in that regard, definitely a +1 for MD.

This is just a guess, but I'd be pretty surprised if WE wasn't making these, after FF had already worked with them. I also assume that FF retained the rights to the designs on the Falcon. As far as branding, I'm not sure i feel the same way at all. Lots of companies of all kinds of products use 3rd party OEM manufacturers, I don't expect to see an additional logo on any of them. And any warranty and customer service would just go through FF. Really, that part will probably be less of a hassle than trying to reach someone in China if you have an issue.
My complaints with this are simpler: 1) people here have been saying from the start that they wish the Falcon was bigger, MD never made that option available,even with all the additional versions they put out to get repeat sales, all they offered was different milling and finishes. This should have been their next big collaboration. 2) It's TWICE the price for an extra 1/2" length.
I think if MD stayed involved they could've kept the price lower by practically guaranteeing a higher volume of sales, but who knows whose choice that was.
In the long run though, FF is taking about putting out multiple knives like this through another manufacturer, this just happened to be the first model. So when you look at it that way, it makes sense that they had to start somewhere on their path to this new production line
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Nice work digging up the video. I knew they wouldn't outright lie about who was making the knives, but given the absence of any We branding on the knife or info on related BladeHQ page, I wondered if Ferrum Forge was trying to tacitly encourage people to draw the wrong conclusions. As a former corporate trainer, I'm all too familiar with that move and I hate it: sure, you have "plausible deniability" and when pinned down by a direct question on the topic will answer it honestly, but (some) people aren't (utterly) stupid (every second of their lives), and giving--or not--product information to customers in a manner that seems most concerned with getting past the grand jury indictment-free tends to piss off customers just as much as actually lying to them would. Go figure.
So I'm happy that's not the case, and that We is getting their well-deserved due; I'm happy there's more FF designed knives in the world at prices I can afford w/o having to save up for weeks on end (I dont think I'll buy this "Big Falcon", but maybe the Archbishop and definitely the Tredecim models); I'm happy the Wlmsn. brothers will probably be getting a hell of a lot wealthier. I have no idea what the #'s are, but I have to think launching ones own production line is like making it onto the A list as a knife maker.
That's way too much happiness for this hour of the morning, even considering the Irish coffee(s). Maybe I'm giddy from the smoke of the forest fire I've been watching creep up and over the ridge and pick off my cousins' cabins one by one? Either way, it's a hell of a sight. Dont think the family will be selling this chunk of land this summer as we'd planned to Largest forest fire in UT history, I believe they said.
Yeah, i really think it's just more to going back to the way OEM manufacturing is usually done. Outside of the MD collaborations I don't generally see 2-3 company names on one knife lol Just that of the designer who's paying to have them manufactured.
Damn, sorry to hear about the land man. Wildfires are scary things, I'm happy it's not something to worry about where I am. Hopefully it gets under control soon!