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What's your favorite batting for quilts used in the summer?

As we are smack dab in the middle of summer I find the temperature fluctuations difficult to sleep! Sometimes I want a down comforter and sometimes just a sheet will do. When making quilts do you take into account the season that they will be used? Do you have a favorite batting that is good for hotter nights during the summer? Maybe I'm the only one with out air conditioning... :-)
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i notice everyone is answering Dream, but I prefer Hobbs Tuscany Silk (Light as a feather and breathes) or Hobbs Tuscany Wool (breathable and lightweight, but with some loft).
Dream orient Bamboo or wool
Favorites are Dream Orient and Dream Wool.
Dream Orient Bamboo
Dream Orient Bamboo or wool
I prefer a wool batting.
Believe it or not it’s wool. Wool breaths and is very comfortable. 2nd choice would be the bamboo.
Wool. It’s lighter weight and breathes.
Okay, I have to confess that I never sleep under a quilt. Lol. Yeah, I use a down comforter 365 days a year, and I don’t have AC, either. However, when I make lap quilts for my family or quilts for other people in warm climates like ours, I use Hobbs Thermore. It’s thin and drapey, really lovely for quilts.
I tried Quilters Dream Orient for the first time in my last quilt (I had always used Quilters Dream Cotton) and I fell in love. When you touch the batting it feels like silk it is so smooth and it drapes beautifully. I will be using the Orient instead of the Cotton from now on but will also try the wool for a warm winter quilt.
Quilters Dream wool - cool in summer, warm in winter
I love quilters dream batting. I generally use request. For my friends back east I use either wool or deluxe.
I love the bamboo, as it is softer and more pliable in a bed quilt. It breathes like cotton, so doesn't get too warm as polyester is prone to.
i prefer needled cotton for my batting. It is comfortable in most seasons for the user of the quilt. My big full bed quilt however, i used polyester batting for one , it was on sale, for two , the person I am making the quilt for wanted a thinner quilt but warm. You get those properties from polyester, that is why winter coat manufacturers use it in their products. Polyester does have a tendency to shift while basting more so than cotton due to the fact it is a synthetic plastic based material so it is not grabby like cotton. I just saw the bamboo batting and have not tried that yet as i am conditoned to bamboo being a tough fiber. I might try some of that on maybe a lap quilt or maybe a wall hanging. I dont want to sound like i am a know it all as i am still learning about fabrics , batting, thread weight, stitch lengths, etc. I would though recommend you read reviews online about the various materials and comparison comments . Some people are purests and will only use cotton. I guess it is to each his own when it comes to materials used in a quilt.
Dream orient is my favorite but now I need to try bamboo...
Green - for the environmental!
I love the bamboo, it feels like silk, and no decernable shrinkage.
Pure cotton select
My favorite is Request because it is all cotton and very thin.
I love the bamboo year round!
I prefer Quilters Dream Request for warmer weather quilts and Select for cooler weather.
Dream cotton Request for warmer weather quilts and Select for cooler weather.
I like the dream poly or the dream cotton. I have them by the roll. Those two are my go to for everything.. and the dream wool is heavenly to use for winter!!
Dream cotton select, my and my quilters fav!!
I use bamboo batting for summer, cotton for spring and autumn, wool for winter.
I love the wool.