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What's your favorite batting for quilts used in the summer?

As we are smack dab in the middle of summer I find the temperature fluctuations difficult to sleep! Sometimes I want a down comforter and sometimes just a sheet will do. When making quilts do you take into account the season that they will be used? Do you have a favorite batting that is good for hotter nights during the summer? Maybe I'm the only one with out air conditioning... :-)
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Pure cotton select
My favorite is Request because it is all cotton and very thin.
I love the bamboo year round!
I prefer Quilters Dream Request for warmer weather quilts and Select for cooler weather.
Dream cotton Request for warmer weather quilts and Select for cooler weather.
I like the dream poly or the dream cotton. I have them by the roll. Those two are my go to for everything.. and the dream wool is heavenly to use for winter!!
Dream cotton select, my and my quilters fav!!
I use bamboo batting for summer, cotton for spring and autumn, wool for winter.
I love the wool.
Lo dream green! Hate all wool products because of cruelty in the industry.
Absolutely love the Orient batting!! My Quilts have come out beautiful. Quilting with it is a dream.
I also like the quilter's dream wool, but I don't put my quilts with that in the dryer. Have any of you quilters put quilts with quilter's dream wool batting in the dryer and if so, did the quilt shrink up too much? Thanks for your answers.
I put my wool quilts in the washer and dryer. I have not found any shrinkage with Quilters Dream batting.
Thank you Marie4403
I love the Dream Orient. I love used that a lot, but I have also used the dream cotton a lot. For some reason, some two of the machine quilters I have used were not crazy about the Dream Orient because their tension was a little off when they used that versus the regular cotton.
Quilters Dream Orient is my overall favorite as it's adaptive to summer and winter (in Virginia), has a beautiful look to it, feels wonderful to quilt, minimal shrinkage, can quilt dense or up to 8" apart = it's a beautiful batting if you like a smooth, crisp looking quilt vs the shrinkage/crinkle you get with cotton.
Quilter's Dream Wool no matter what the bedroom temp! Cool in summer, warm in winter! If the quilt's for me, it gets wool.
I use Dream Cotton Request (I live in Florida). but damn on a queen size (quilting it right now) even that is heavy!
Dream Cotton select...nothing else will do.
Quilters Dream wool!
Quilters Dream Cotton
I live in Florida, and I've heard others say that Quilters Dream Request loft is what they use for baby quilts here because it is light. This might meet your needs too.
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