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This is BIG music!

If you're not familiar with the ensemble group Snarky Puppy, prepare to be blown away. And, if you're listening with headphones (you are, aren't you?) and by the end of this piece you're not smiling from ear to ear, and wiping away tears of joy, then throw those damn cans in the trash and buy some good ones!


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Meh, not as BIG as Slayer for example;)
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Sounds like you might also be upgrading your “years” as well? Embrace the journey, my friend!
Exactly. Thanks:)
Everything you wanted to know about Cory Henry (the keyboardist):
I LOVE Snarky Puppy.
Been lovin' them for a little while now.

One of my special fave albums is the Live at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage fest.
These guys just get the biggest kick out of performing and the love for their music.

I like hearing their little conversations with each other between numbers.

This kind of music just loves an excellent listening rig, REALLY loves an excellent big room stereo rig.
Good, distortion free speakers are a MUST.

This is a group I want to see live someday.

I'm with you--I can't wait to see 'em live!

PS: don't call me dude.

my bad.

it will never happen again.

*hangs head in abject remorse*
Those are some really nice looking red M50x's they are wearing. I forgot I have the original black one's. I had to change the earcups and I changed it to really thick ones causing the headphones to look GIGANTIC on my head, awkward looking stage walking around with those on my head lol.

The guy with the keyboard really is getting into the music haha.
Agreed—he’s a damn "Phenom"--been playing like that since he was 4-years old!
Actually discovered these guys just the other day on NPR. They are incredible!
"Live From Here"? I think that's where I first heard them too. Definitely agree about the incredible!
That drummer! Damn! Keyboard solo is awesome too, but that was 10 straight minutes of being completely blown away by the drums. I'll have to listen a few more times and pay attention to the other parts.

I certainly had a big stupid smile on my face by the end of it. Will certainly be looking into more Snarky Puppy.
The drummer is incredible--and that was just one number in the set, he keeps going like that for the whole evening! Lots more videos on Youtube to check out and you should visit their website to take a look at their complete discography (I know I'm going to end up dropping a bundle on their FLAC downloads). Anyway, glad you like them!
For the first 10 seconds, I thought you were a techno head.

Really good music, and especially so on my newfound love 4xx with the grille mesh cloth off and powered by newly arrived audio gd r2r-11.

If you haven't already, tear them things off and be amazed with the heightened soundstage!
Cory Henry is such a good musician man holy. Same goes for the rest of the Snarky Puppy crew.
They all seem to be "prodigies" depending on the piece and who's soloing at the time, but Cory plays like a savant on fire--no doubt a bout it (I don't think ever looks at the keys and he always seems be several bars ahead of whatever's coming next). it's really amazing to see a group with that many performers, play so tight--they must communicate telepathically!
Turns out he can sing too--I mean really sing:

The moment I saw Snarky Puppy I knew it was Lingus lol. The keyboard solo melts my brain every time
No doubt--something going between him (Henry) and the drummer--they seem to push each other to new places.
very nice RayF.
Quite welcome--glad you enjoyed it.