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Post Your Headphones and a Vinyl

Have you ever found your setup seems to be the magical pairing for some of your favorite musicians and albums? Do you also have a vinyl of that album? This thread is for you, then!
Post a photo of a ticket stub with the vinyl!

Anyone who's followed me throughout my time at Massdrop knows that I love the Audio-Technica AD2000's (and Audio-Technica in general). They're notably excellent with presenting female vocals and Kate Bush is one of the most amazing vocalists to have lived; it's a perfect pairing! I was also lucky enough to attend one of her live shows in London—her first in 35 years!
I must say, in all honestly, that I don't spend much time listening to my vinyl with headphones. Maybe that's something to get into in the future.

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro plus and Daft Punk - Alive 2007
Chilling to some tunes while doing my IT shizzle
HD 6XX and some Trees
Lots more albums to choose from, but the M1060 isn't as photogenic. Somebody want to donate some pretty cans so I can pull some others out? I'll take good care of them!
Great album. The track Red Forest is amazing. Bones of a Dying World might even top this one...
I’ve got that one and the double reissue of the first two as well (still waiting for that legitimate third pressing of those that’s been “coming soon” for a couple years now...). All fantastic albums. Bones probably is the best album honestly, but I’ve spent the most time with Red Forest, so I tend to give the nod to that instead.
Hit me with that Weeb shit
Don't know if this is the ultimate, but it's my latest favorite. Amanda Shires/Dave Cobb/Jason Isbell make for a potent team in the studio. Her new album To The Sunset is a sonic feast.
My favorite album of all time (Queen, A Night At The Opera) with my currently favorite headphones (Focal Clear).
He-400i and some explosions in the sky.
Glad im getting the most of my music with these great headphones =)
And… "a vinyl?” Oh boy, millennial much?!
It’s called a RECORD.
Or, a "pressing" , I can work with" a vinyl" since it is the millienials who are resurrecting them in the market,and giving this quality back to us... My kids thought they were fancy place mats we never used... we gave them MP3 crap instead, personally, I've been trying to help reverse the damage done... Buy More Vinyls! (& DSD;)

Record companies, inclusive, please listen, they (we) want the vinyls along with hi-rez digital files, not the MP3 or CD quality that you are trying to foster pairing off, don't toy with the market, they (we) are on to you...
The record companies still trick you into buying lossy quality by making vinyl pressings produced from CD masters (e.g. the Beatles vinyl stereo re-issues from just a few years ago) and high-res files produced from up-sampled CD masters... :(
Many years later... finally saw them live last night at Bethel Woods {Woodstock}
My two loves, Pink Floyd and my Grado SR325e‘s.
I am a transient, like a hobo hopping train cars - I tend to switch artists and genres with the wind. I seek out FR that is mostly flat with a slight bump in the low end. Bloodborne is my #1 favorite game, but I still put DS on my top 5 - soundtrack being a big contribution to the decision (what little is served in game).

Aeon flow closed with homemade moon audio black dragon conductor and pentaconn 4.4mm on Fiio Q5.

Damn it man! You had me worried there for a moment when I read "...to have lived"--that was a little too past-tense-sounding for my taste (had to click over to Wikipedia to make sure I hadn't missed something)! Anyway, now that I know all's well, I commend your taste in female vocalists--although she's so much more that that ;- )

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