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Aftermarket pocket clip for Ferrum Forge, Spyderco and other knives

For anyone looking to replace the pocket clip on there Ferrum Forge, Spyderco or any other knife check out pops custom clips on etsy. He makes a standard titanium, deep carry pocket clip in different colors. They also do custom orders.
Easymod3 and drewestes2010

I also recommend Pops Custom Shop and have his clips on many of my knives. Not sure why you aren't finding his shop when you search. Try searching custom "deep carry clip for kershaw" and I bet it'll pop up.
Er...forgive my ignorance, but I went to etsy, searched for "pops custom clips" (it anticipated the term in the search engine) but I couldn't find a shop by that name. I admit, I didn't view all 215 matches, but I looked through a lot of them.
"Custom" is usually spelled w/o an "e" on the end--does Pops put an "e"on the end of the word "custom" as an alternate spelling? The anticipated search term that came up in the character field didn't have the "e", but it could be wrong.
Or do you have a link, perhaps?