Dec 1, 2016

Do shipping costs include customs? I live in India

Sorry to bother you with such a simple question but I am confused.

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Of course not. How can Massdrop keep track of the customs regimes for every country that they ship to?

Are there any online sellers that take care of customs duties for you?
Amazon does that
How big is Amazon compared to Massdrop?

Do you think that India is a major market for Massdrop when it sells ultralight camping gear, audiophile toys, quilting supplies and mechanical keyboards?
Hey, i am from India and i have ordered several products from Massdrop. the customs charges are not included, usually anything around 4K INR is not charged any customs fee. over that you are looking at about 40 to 50 percent charges.
e.g, i ordered smsl m6 dac amp which cost me about 9k INR including shipping and then i had to pay about 4.5k INR for customs. not a bad deal considering the price on indian sites was 25K INR for same product .
i havent received any thing after the GST came in to effect so not sure whether it will increase or decrease the customs charges. there are a few thing on the way from massdrop to me in the next few weeks so i will find out soon.

dont be disheartened by the customs charges, most of the stuff available in massdrop is not available in India and even with the customs charges the final cost tends to be lesser than the cost for same stuff available for import on sites like amazon.

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I'm also interested in the p1. The drop's still on. You said you didn't have to pay anything beyond 118$ for the door delivery isn't ?? Also sennheiser hd650 is on sale but India in not in the list. It's just 200$. The price here is about Rs 33000, more than double. Can you advise me on how to get this shipped to India without paying too much. I'm asking since you said you've bought a lot of stuff from here
Pinnacle P1 are best iems at this price.
For hd6xx I can't be of much help, sorry. But investigate if you can opt for freight forwarding by massdrop
Include hobo mur mota
Usually custom Fees aren't included in shipping and are needed for the payer (which is you) to pay extras for it, usually if you don't buy in bulk, it will be okay. It won't cost much.
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