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How many headphones do you guys have?

I'd like to get a sense as to how many headphones audiophiles have and how you store them. I have 2 under desk hooks but have 5 headphones and I wanted to see what you guys do to organize. I also do design and am in the process of designing a nice multi headphone contraption that isn't just some horizontal rods. Cheers everyone. Hope to get a lot of feedback!

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i have 4 headphones, but wanna get more
sennheiser hd600
audioquest nighthawks
sony mdr z7
fostex modhouse Argon

want to have:
sennheiser hd800
focal ????
hifimann ananda
audioquest nightowls
beyerdynamics dt 770 pro 600 ohm
grado ?????
Finally going back down to just one! The Stax SR-009. Destroys every other headphone I've owned in every category including other flagships like the Audeze LCD-4 and LFF Code-6.
I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I do like discovering different headphones and sound signatures. I have these now:
- Philips Fidelio X2
- Koss Pro 4S
- Hifiman HE4XX
- AKG K712 PRO
- Takstar Pro82
- Sennheiser HD6XX
Audeze LCD-2C’s
Sennhieser HD 600/650/58X
AKG K712 pros
Fostex TH-610’s
HiFiman HE 4xx’s
Koss KPH30i’s
Grado SR80e’s
Grado SR325e’s
Bowers & Wilkins P7‘s
How many do I have, or how many do I still use?

I really need to clean out my closet...
4 Sennheisers
1 Stax
1 Audeze
2 HiFiman
2 Fostex
5 Grado
6 Beyerdynamic
6 IEMs of various manufacture. No customs, as I don't listen to IEMs that much.

Yes, that's a BUNCH.
I tend to sample the offerings along a line from manufacturers whose sound sig I appreciate. And then, I suck at parting with them, once acquired. And I can be kind of selecting a specific set of cans for a specific music and amp pairing etc. etc. yadayadayada. To be fair, I only buy earphones from those brands that I like the sound sig. If I listen to something and don't like the ss, I absolutely never buy.
And many MANY of my acquisitions are used minty. Kind of a recycling, and I have less run-in time to manage. Oh yeah. CHEAPER, too.

Well, I tend to keep them in any hard cases or carry bags they come with on a set of shelves in my big room and above my computer/Woo-stack station. I don't hang them much because I think doing so puts stress on the structure of the headset.
Any that aren't in their specific case gets laid on the shelf, and, if gimbals permit, with the ear speaker flat on the shelf. If I am actively listening to a set of cans, they typically are set aside on a table suface adjacent the rig that is playing them.

IEMs stay in cases provided by the manufacturer.

Only 2
Sony MDR-Z1000 (almost the same MDR-7520)
Sennheiser Momentum On-ear
4 iems and 6 on/over ears.
I have a few IEMs. A pair from Skullcandy which I keep because the warranty is great, a pair from MEE Audio that I got in one of the Massdrop blue box thingys, two pairs of NHT Superbuds; one that I bought when they were first annoumced, and the second was a drawing prize. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing IEMs because I went into the doctor’s office with a severe earache, which was caused by impacted earwax.

These days almost all of my headphone listening is done using my HD-6XX cans. I’m pretty happy with them.
Mainly 4. MrSpeakers Ether Flow (my primary headphone), Audeze LCD-X, Sennheiser HD 700, and Shure SE535. I also have some other IEM's that I've gotten for free over the years, but I rarely use my SE535's, let alone these.
3 for home, 1 for travel. I might be adding the new portable electrostatic headphones( high voltage transformers built into the ear cup, they can be used with a phone, dap or home dac without external high voltage transformers) whenever they hit the market.
I don't see the point of owning more than two, one for home and one for work. Unless you are still deciding which one to keep and which one to sell.
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Yeah, I normally take my iFi nano BL with my due to it's small footprint. I normally only travel with IEMs and rarely take a closed back due to hassle and limited room with my carry-on. I'm actually looking for something just a bit more powerful with Bluetooth and have been eyeing the iFi xDSD. Looking at the Mojo and the Poly was just too expensive for my traveling needs.

The Pro iCAN is actually on loan from my buddy (same with the CA Vega) as he just got a bunch of new gear in he's currently obsessed with. Just fortunate he trusts me enough as I've had his gear almost w month now and he doesn't seem to miss it, ha.

I'd be interested to know more about the calibration tool you're hinting at. Is.it similar to the YPAO mics that Yamaha receivers and other manufacturers use? I know they aren't perfect but they always help me set a solid baseline for a room.

And yes, I'm fortunate in regards to missus. Unlike yours, her hearing is frankly shit IMO ha ha. The real.reason she's negun to get into the hobby is she's taking cello lessons and been listening to a lot.more recordings and been in a discovery phase. It's actually kinda cute to see her have these aha moments from pieces she knows or is playing and learning. It almost makes this expensive hobby justifiable as she benefits. Almost, ha ha.
If it was like YPAO, it wouldn't be a world first ;) My experience with YPAO or any microphone calibration is even if the mic is off by 1 inch, it creates an audible and less desirable sound. Also virtually microphone calibration systems rely on EQ to address room issues, this means the output won't be bit-perfect. Our product won't have these shortfalls, it will be almost instant, there will be no mics to place and you'll be able to select between "movie" (large sweet spot) or "music" (solo listening) at the press of a button.
2 Full Size Over Ear, 1 On ear, 3 IEM and 2 BT In Ear.
Over ear and on ear are kept in their boxes. IEM are kept in waterproof cases. BT In ear are kept in pouches that came with it. I only use 1 full size at home and AKG N40 on the go. ANC on ear when i'm travelling. The rest are mainly for collection.
About 22 currently. A mix of IEMs, open backs, and a couple of closed backs.

I normally use the hard plastic storage container that came with my Shure 846 as it's huge and holds my amp/DAC as well.

For my over ears, any sets that are in current rotation get put on their omega stands. Otherwise I keep them in a portable hard case for travel. My Focals and 6XX are the only ones I keep in their stock box as they can be put up without having to remove the cables and are well padded. Focal arguably makes one of the best stock boxes for storage.

For my other IEMs on the go, I have some hard cases made for storing small digital cameras that work well and hold all my accessories.
4 over ear, 2 on ear, 4 IEM. The IEMs get stored in cases they come in. The other headphones live on a hook under my desk and some coat pegs I installed on the wall near my desk.
I'm down to 4 though I only use 2 (one at home, one outside of my home) and am looking to get rid of one (HD 6XX).
Interested in this topic as I have 5 headphones, with the Audeze mobius on the way (soon, I hope).

Must say that I use just 2, and edc3 as my go to iem.
I will only keep 2 over ears at any given time and a handful of IEM, sub 50 chi-fi stuff.

I feel like the $ tied up in $500+ kit I never/rarely use should on someone's head. So I gift or sell, whichever comes first contingent on cost.

I also collect nothing. I am not a stuff person.