Jul 22, 2018245 views

4-pin XLR recommendations for HD6XX

In anticipation of the latest HD6XX drop, I am looking to pick up a 4-pin XLR balanced line that is compatible with the 6XX's.
Similar to the cable pictured in the CTH+SDAC promo image:

Does anyone have any reccomndations for a good quality cable?

This is kind of pointless, as the XLR connection in the CTH isn't actually balanced.
Ursine Audio. Guys who own multiple custom made cables all seem to agree Ursine has the best workmanship. Just beware there is a bit of wait on them, his website says 3 weeks turnaround but it's more like 8 weeks. But it's not like you'll get the HD6XX anytime soon either.
Venus Audio on ebay is another option. Quality no frills cables with fairly quick turn around time.
Nice :) I suppose the cable is then fully balanced? Thanks.
Periapt Cables. I bought from them for my 6xx and also had an XLR to 1/4" adapter made. The cable quality is excellent.
Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the help.