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What am I doing wrong? HD 58X and a Schiit Magni 2

I am just making my first forays into hifi and headphones specifically. I use several Koss headphones and a Sony MDR-V6 through my iPhone. I don't generally don't use headphones with a computer audio source. I wanted a headphone for listening to a turntable/receiver setup and I bought the 58X to start.
I am listening to a Philips GA312 turntable>Yamaha RV303 receiver. I think the 58X are enjoyable enough at 10-15% volume when plugged directly into the receiver. I was curious about dedicated headphone amps, so I picked up a used Schiit Magni 2. Here is where my confusion begins.
When nothing is playing, the Magni 2 hums loudly in the headphone when turning the Magni volume knob. When something is playing on low volume at the receiver, the hum completely drowns out the audio. If you put the receiver up to 75-100%, the Magni volume knob is extremely sensitive, and the audio is blownout/distored sounding at the lowest audible volume.
Any advice is appreciated. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks!

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yeah, I agree about the loop or connection fault.
Sometimes, just shifting the wires away from the base or making sure that other electric devices are further away can fix you right up and identifye which is the culprit.

A lot of people tend to stack all of the stereo rig into a single outlet.
Very likely candidate for problems.
Go for a well grounded, high quality power source that is separate from the rest of the gear. You will be glad of it.
Can you say a bit more about how you have it connected? Only thing I can think of based on the description, besides a faulty amp is if you connected it to the headphone output of the receiver instead of a line level output. Amping an already amped output can cause some crazy distortion.
It is connected to the headphone output of the receiver. I will try the line level output and see! I am also wondering if I should get a dedicated preamp and bypass the receiver all together?
I don't know that you get much value out of a preamp. I don't know anything about your receiver, but Yamaha generally makes good stuff, so I'd be surprised if you didn't get a clean signal out of the line out (or zone 2, which is what I do for my wireless theater headphones).
Sounds like ground loop or bad cable connection. Remove all interconnects and reinstall them, try to get the magni on a different circuit/outlet if possible.

Hey, thanks for the link! I am going to try rewiring and see how that turns out.
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