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Uh...little help please

The other day I fished an old receiver out of my garage (nearly forgot it was there), it's a Sony STR DE 535 I bought years ago--before the world turned completely digital. The thing is, it's still in as-new shape; a little dusty, but works fine. It's a 5.1 system that's rated at 100 watts per channel. So far, so good, but my problem is--what the heck can I do with it?
These days all of my music is digital, so I'm trying to figure out the best options for getting that data out of a computer and into the amp's circuity, and back out through the headphone jack.
I know, for instance, I can run an RC cable from the headphone out on one of my computers (iMac or MacBook) and then plug that into one of the the receivers' input jacks (tested fine with a phone hooked the CD input). That connection sounded good coming back out the headphone jack (and that lets me hear the various EQ settings). But wouldn't a digital connection be better/slicker? I'd guess so, but there are no digital/optical inputs on the back of the STR DE 535 (so far as I know). I'm wondering if there's even a DAC in the receiver (for CDs)? No? Anyone?
I suppose another route might be to connect a Bluetooth receiver to the Sony and stream music from a computer, but still, I'm wondering if there isn't something else I hadn't thought of--something YOU might have?
Whatever I come up with, the unit will most likely end up in my bedroom. If I keep it, I'll eventually hook up some speakers, but I have no interest in setting up a Home Entertainment A/V system (until I figure it out, it's going to be headphones only). Speaking of which, anyone know how the headphone jack on this receiver compares with what I get out of my desktop system (computer to Jotunheim)--more power, cleaner, less neutral, same-same?
I've been out of receivers for a long time so all thoughts and ideas are welcome.
PS: here's a link to the Sony STR DE 535 technical info/specs:

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Old phone + sd card + Flac files + Neutron / Dif apps + IFi IDSD Blacklabel to the receiver.

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What model Zenith radio is that? I must have it!
1962 zenith h624c ;)
Use a BlueTooth receiver attached to a switched 5v micro USB power adapter, pair it with your computer that has the music files available by HD or whatever, and Bob's your uncle. It will cost you no more than $30; $15 if you know where to look.
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Google "BT ADAPTER" and the world is your oyster.
Excellent--I already have the hot sauce!
Hey Mr Tambourine Man play a song for me duuuduudduuu.... Duu.uuu...deeee.

I would like to get my hands on one of those high end CD players. Coz nowadays I do still listen to CDssss buahahah
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Yea, next we shall be looking I to Vinyl XD
You must think I'm an early adaptor of new technology?
Sonos and a digital server hooked up to a NAS drive.
'Splain how that would work with the receiver?
The components attach via simple rca or digital to rca cables. The NAS drive is a hard drive array that connects to your digital server via ethernet or wifi (modem) so you can store multiple terabytes of music.
I use a similar receiver from sherwood as my main audio system in the living room. Here's what I've done. Chromecast audio into a 1/8" to rca cable on one input. cheap dac to take optical audio from the tv to rca into another input. I also use a turntable in the phono input and put another aux cord into the last one. Programmed a universal remote and hooked up some truly awesome speakers that were eight bucks at the thrift store. My living room sounds great and has all the wireless connections I could ask for.
Sounds good-sans the TV. Thanks for the input!
Use an old smartphone for Spotify Connect.
What is your budget?
Dolby Surround Prologic is not dolby digital, that's why there are no digital connections, because they aren't required for Prologic... Could still use it for stereo ;) Also I only see a picture of the front, not the back.
Must be hidden in one of the “View more comments“ tabs? But you’re right, no digital/optical.
I know I pulled out my old stereo system because vinyl is making a come back, I'd use it to hook up a record player to a system, just an idea.

Kinda irrelevant to your digital music though
I'm using a Chromecast audio line out to my auxiliary input on my 90s Harman Kardon receiver sounds really great I'm using as a end point for my roon core software on my Windows 7 PC btw Chromecast audio also has a toslink optical output combo.