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What are deemed the best headphones for gaming?

I want to know what's commonly known as the best gaming headset to buy? I know a lot of people say at the end of day its preference. But there has to at least be a top-three where money isn't an issue. But also I don't want to drop 1k. I'll spend 3 or 4 hundred if these headphones are definitely worth it.

Try SuperLux cheap and good.
It was not this post, but another talking about HD700's as gamers, that first made me think,, really sooo expensive,, then re-thought... damn... their perfect... the sound stage,, the detail... the long wear comfort... eBay used <$400...
"HD 700- okay you may not want to hear this, but these are AMAZING for gaming and movies. These headphones are one of those "you love it or you absolutely hate it". Incredibly comfy for long sessions, and the soundstage is absolutely breathtaking. I tested them out with the Witcher 3 and I was awed. They are so immersive. I am still within my return period for amazon, but I may just keep these for gaming. As for music, well if you listen to anything with alot of treble like the cymbal/high hat in rock and metal....well it may sound annoying. They reveal everything and they have a treble spike around 6k. Very comfortable headphone that is fatiguing with rock music. Best headphone for gaming ive used (ive used the game ones (essentially 558s, 598s, 600s, 650s, and cloud alphas). Id like to add that cloud alphas are so amazing for their price. not the greatest for music, but they do a fine job." http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3648168/sennheiser-headphones-gaming-music.html
I love you guys! This is what I've been wanting. I'm so tired of hearing people discuss hyperx, Corsair, and steelseries as the only options for "best gaming headsets" I'm new to the headphone audiophile scene. But after buying a Sennheiser dac and the Game one, I knew there were better options out there. They are just never advertised. I now have homework to look at each and every one of these lol. But if I can add something. I will say that I bought the Sennheiser GSP 500 and it did sound good and I was able to hear things clearly. But it didnt wow me at all. I was disappointed. They weren't loud enough and i wish that the bass was just a tiny bit better. they were very uncomfortable as well. To many cons.
Depends what you're looking for. If you want to be immersed in the music and sound effects, just buy the best headphones/dac/amp fitting your preferred signature in your budget. HD650/6XXs have just the right amount of warm tilt to be really pleasant and non-fatiguing, and you can pair them with the Schiit Stack (Magni/Modi) to come in at $400 exactly.
If you want to cheese footstep sounds and positional audio cues, you probably want something thinner and brighter with a wide soundstage -- the Audio Technica AD700X have been well regarded for competitive gaming for years now, and I've found the K702 to do pretty well at it too.
Personally, I enjoy my Focal Elex for gaming. Much like my loudspeakers, they have very good dynamic range so it's very easy to discern distances between soft and loud sounds. Throw in their high level of detail retrieval of micro/macro details and you have a set that performs better than one would think. Most only seem concerned with soundstage but that point is worthless if the set has poor imaging and detail retrieval.
It depends on if you want exaggerated bass for fun or accurate footsteps. DT 770s are great for exaggerated bass while not losing accuracy. Don't game in HD 600s because there is no soundstage at all. HD 650/6XX are decent. I heard that HD 660s/DT 1990's are amazing but you'll have to drop ~$600.
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I also find it odd that @DominusVobiscum says the HD600 has no soundstage but the 650/6xx are decent. I've not been able to determine much difference in the 600 vs 650. They've been known for a fairly deep but "3 blob" like soundstage (instruments/vocals clustered in Left, Right and Center without much in between). I preferred my 555's to HD650's for gaming.... when I actually played competitive shooters. Honestly all headphones pale in comparison to a properly configured 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound for me. Nothing says "directional awareness" like having point sources on all sides of you. Instead of simulating/approximating sounds from behind you, they actually come from behind you. I use a Philips X2 + a BoomPro mic, easy to drive, good soundstage, decent detail
I meant comparatively to other headphones in the price range. "no soundstage at all" is an exaggeration.
I would go for the Philips Fidelio X2 based on its reputation and your budget (said to be very open, and bassier than the K7XX). Bass is the only area where the K7XX is lacking for gaming.
Beyer 1990 pro I heard are crazy detailed for gaming