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Thinking of picking these up, but want to know if anyone has them or has an opinion on them.

I purchased the Rock Zircons for 17USD and I was and still am thoroughly surprised with the build and audio quality. I favor them over my Bose Freestyle headphones that are well over seventeen dollars. As far as for the KZ-ATE IEMs I haven't listened to them yet. The build quality looks a little lacking. The IEMs I currently have are the shure 215s and the RHA audio T20s. Something else I found with the Rock Zircons is that they are much more convenient. As a student I like something portable and light IEMs are not that. When I preform or when I am at my house or for an extended period of time (car/bus/train rides) is the right time for IEMs. As far as plug and play not so convenient.
I have them. I don't think you can get better at that price. They are strictly lo-fi and won't compete with serious IEMs, but they are in the $100-class. It's just that I wish they were more sensitive because they are a little too quiet off of most smart phones and tablets. Should be fine off of iPhones and iPads though.
I have these and the KZ KZ3's which are leagues and miles ahead for roughly the same price point