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I am tired of import taxes every time I participate in a drop. I don't mind paying the actual price of products in USD even with the Canadian dollar doing so bad. I was wondering if there is any chance of a Canadian branch ever opening up so drops can be mailed quicker and import taxes wouldn't apply. I know there are a lot of Canadian customers who would appreciate this as well. Something similar to what does.
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I use this service a lot for shipments from the U.S. They do not charge a brokerage fee, but do pay the taxes - usually HST - on your behalf. Very reasonable rate for the actual service too. Costs nothing to register. I'm close enough to one of their pick-up points to drive there. Otherwise they will forward your item for a charge. Not affiliated, just a happy customer.
If a Cdn branch is not possible, how about using USPS/Canada Post for shipping instead of DHL/Canada Post? DHL’s Fees are much too steep.
As long as I don't need to pay more than the normal 5% tax, I really don't mind. You can't expect to avoid sales taxes completely just because you're buying directly from the U.S. most goods we buy come from the US, or somewhere else anyway. The tax shouldn't be any different. As it is, you can still avoid paying the provincial taxes, at least in some provinces (like Quebec), by buying out-of-province/ internationally.
I just received a package from Mayflower, which was sent via USPS (and then Canada Post on our side). Shipping was $20 US, which seemed like a lot, but there were no customs charges on it at all, for some reason, even though the item was $100 US. Massdrop (as well as other, smaller companies) probably aren't able to get the special rates for high volumes of packages which companies like Newegg or Amazon are able to get, because their volume just isn't high enough.
Literally just rejected a package because the duties / fees were 50% of the cost of the item. It was a $200 jacket and had $95 in duties / taxes. The problem was the value (before MD promotion) was put on the package so I had to pay duties / taxes on the full price, not just the sale price. Completely defeats the purpose of shopping on MD.
Yeah, now that is B.S., and presumably because the carrier is trying to gouge additional amounts based on some nonsense... although there are some weird new tariffs for certain items because of the ongoing trade disputes between Canada and the U.S. as well, like an additional tax on playing cards!
I just had a pair of AKG7XX's ordered from Massdrop, sent by "Post Express". delivered to me. The customs tax was just 5% for G.S.T., and maybe also an additional $5 service charge, but I think it was just 5%. don't have the receipt with me. You should be prepared to pay 5% tax on anything over US $20 in value that you order from the U.S., but it shouldn't cost more than that. I guess you'll have to pay H.S.T. in some provinces, but I've never had to deal with that, living in Quebec or Alberta for the last 10 years.
I have stopped purchasing through Massdrop because of DHL fees. It is unfortunate, because when Massdrop used to ship by USPS the clearance fees were fine. I will not order again until the shipping method can be selected. Massdrop, please listen to your Canadian customers.
I think you should start your own version of Massdrop in Canada! You could call it: "Candrop" which in most cases, is more than Massdrop can do (at least before I die of old age anyway).
Ya know, there is a wonderful new search engine called “Google.“ j/k, but seriously, how can you Canucks (of which I am one), not Google this poop.
First off, duty is charged on items coming into Canada that was made/manufactured outside North America. If it’s made in China, or Europe, expect duty. Simple as that.

secondly, there is a duty calculator:

You're welcome.
You are missing the point...
Yep their DHL service charges extra import customs duties than are required. It's a major scam. And good luck getting any of the knives over the border any more. Any flipper is now being confiscated, and then the CBSA charges you hundreds of dollars to export it back by a bonded courier or charge you to have it destroyed.

Massdrop in Canada would be an awesome leap forward and their business would be extremely successful.