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Favorite Niche Swiss Brands/Models

In honor of Swiss National Day, what are some of your favorite Swiss brands or models? Obviously, Switzerland still dominates the watch world, so let's try to keep this interesting! If it's from a major player, try to pull out some models people might not know about. Otherwise, maybe an independent brand that's tugging at your heartstrings?
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My favorite is Zeno Watch Basel
Are there many independents left? Most seem to be part of a group. One of my faves is Armand Nicolet, head office is in Italy but factor yis in Tramelan. Not even sure they're not part of a group.
good pick! More brands are decidedly more Swiss, but AN is a nice add none the less. And they are still privately held, believe it or not.
Swiss Lowenbrau my all time fav beer Can’t get it in Southern California Any suggestions?
[bit late to the party, sorry]
I think UrWerk probably wins the prize for most insane watches, Swiss or not - they are remarkable given that they are mechanical. There is a video of their movement on this page
Coming back down to the affordability realm.... I like Mido's - my favorite, the Mido All Dial Titanium Chrono is in this thread -
I like Grovana and Victorinox....
Christopher Ward watches, Swiss watches designed in England, I've got 3 and love them all.
Jaquet droz - pure art for arts sake
Ram has an awesome look.
Kind of getting some Sinn vibes from this guy.
i'd like to see a good deal on the swatch 'sistem51' model. i'd also like to see an automatic from swiss military/hanowa. hanowa is a fairly recent company started by 3 former rolex employees that got tired of working for the man!
Id love to see a Zenith El Primero Chronomaster open.
For me apart from the obvious Patek Philippe my other love affair is with F.P. Journe and Philippe Dufour. Undoubtedly the 2 living master watchmaker - Invenit & Fecit.
Did you catch Philippe Dufour's recent interview on Hodinkee's new podcast?
Saw it come in on my email but not had the chance to have a listen yet.
Mk II from Bill Yao:
I just got the Key West GMT (through a WUS seller).
I'm more into micro brands and value proposition watches than big name watches that cost 10s of k to get.
When are we getting a MD watch? Work with a reputable micro brand? Or play with Swiss dance and run through swiss catalogs and pick stuff and sell them here. I'd be so down for that.
Thats one sexy looking watch, congratulations on aquiring one, might I ask how much you paid and from where? Thanks.
i think i paid msrp+pp fees to the seller. i forgot so ill say roughly around 1700ish.
Patek Philippe watches are the best of the swiss as far as I’m concerned.
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Yes, no adjustment for month length required. In the picture you’ll see a small 3 between 4 and 5 o’clock. This means the pictured watch is in the 3rd year of the 4 year leap cycle for February. the watch will automatically adjust for 29 days in February every 4 years
Beautiful watch! I bet it costs a fair bit. ‘Basic’ pateks start here in New Zealand for around US$20k, so something like that model would be considerably more.
H. Moser & Cie, the stalwart defenders of Swiss watches remaining diligently Swiss Made. Been around since the 1800’s, suffered during the quartz crisis, and are now safely under ownership of the Meylan Family (the patriarch was CEO of Audemars Piguet for a very long time). One need look no further than the brilliantly simple, all Swiss Endeavour Perpetual Calendar to understand. Not for the faint of heart, but as Swiss as it gets.
I love a minimal perpetual display, and the Moser Endeavour has that down pat.
Interesting question. Are they listed anywhere?
The deafening silence makesme think the Swatch group rules. At least their fans are vocal about automatic calibres. (Please prove me wrong.)
i mentioned Roamer earlier, folks might find this article interesting, this vintage diving chronograph is one of the coolest old watches out there, hard as heck to find and sell at a big premium but super cool still
Titoni, much like Roamer (and long ago Felca), and West End Watch Co., didn't focus on the Western/US markets, but the watches are attractive and well made. The Seascoper is cool, i like the ultra thin bezel, not common on dive type watches

Spacestar is also really neat