Aug 3, 2018

Clasp question

What type of clasp is on the Hamilton spirit of liberty watches? Are there any suggestions on where I could find a similar clasp?

The leather of that strap looks amazing. Love the color.
It's a deployant clasp. They come in multiple forms, and this is the kind that requires a dedicated deployant strap that uses a longer than normal back-side (buckle end) strap. The tail end also winds up on the inside with no need for keeper loops. There are other kinds that are designed to replace a regular buckle on normal strap, and the butterfly deployant style that has double-hinging. They typically still have to run the tail end through keeper loops.
Omega uses this kind of strap and deployant clasp too. I put an aftermarket version with a shark leather strap on my Seamaster during the winter sometimes.
Here is a butterfly-style.

Here is the buckle-replacement kind with the keeper loops.

Now I just searched "Omega style deployant buckle strap" and can link to a couple links. The straps themselves are a different length and design. The deployant clasp itself. This one will put the tail end of the strap on the inside to give that clean look.
Check ebay and/or Amazon for less expensive options.
I caught part of "The Martian" last night on TV: Matt Damon was wearing a Hamillton, on Mars.
This looks like the same sort of clasp as the clasp on the silicone strap for the ladies Oris Aquis that dropped here two or three times (which I bought for my wife). There is a deployant hinge that you cannot see, or you can only see a hint of between the two pieces of leather at the top to the right of the main clasp piece. This is just like any steel bracelet deployant hinge. But at the end there is not a spring bar, but rather a piece that has a peg to hook into the holes in the strap. I have seen these kinds of clasps for sale on the aftermarket. I think that they change the sizing a bit and you end up with a really long tongue if you replace the normal buckle. However, the tongue is inside, so it doesn't flap and you don't need a keeper.
Here's a video from the Long Island Watch guy: