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These new LE Omega Speedytuesday’s will be hot

In honor of the 2020 Olympics in Japan, Omega is releasing these five models to represent the five rings, or continents, as symbolized on the Olympic Flag.
These are exclusive to Japan only, and they are gorgeous.
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Panda, thats about it for me really. And another LE that will be snapped up in 2 hrs when it goes "on sale". Reminds me of the LE Speedy Tuesday
I only fancy the panda that's it. Talking about Speedy Tuesday, did anyone manage to score the Ultraman?
I love Speedy's, but those are just plain ugly color schemes. They come off almost looking like something a cheap knockoff would do with color, not giving a damn about existing OEM finishes.
I must say that I’m in agreement to some degree. Though the execution seems to follow Omegas usual high standard, I have to ask “what we’re they thinking?!?” Again though, two of these smile to me
Being Omega, you're right that the finishes will be their typical high quality. I suppose I just should have said that it is just their color combo selection that is throwing me off. Although, as with many watches, maybe I'll have a change of heart when it is sitting on my wrist.
The paradox with a collection like this: They always look much better together than each one by itself. It gets worse: If you try wearing them all at once, however, it doesn't look good at all. Go figure.
Indeed.... only two of them smile at me personally. Omega also drops TOO many LE’s, but they look cool