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Interest Check: Closed Back Headphones


Hey guys,
We want to know what Closed Back Headphones all of you are into. We already source a variety of brands, types, and styles, but are always looking to stay in tune with the interests of the Audiophile Community.
· What do you look for in a closed-back headphone?
· What kind of strap/headband do you prefer?
· Are there particular brands you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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Gargoyle30, Jamie Brown, and 36 others

lol I never see w5000 anywhere funny to see a pic of it here. I love them but with the amount they leak they are practically open back
I'd love a pair of Oppo PM-3's, high quality sound, inline phone controls and mic, lightweight, if you can offer them for a price lower then their website I'd buy a pair immediately, especially if you can get different colours instead of just black
I totally agree with a set of OPPO's. I'm pissed at myself for never pulling the trigger on getting a set of their planars before they closed up shop. Now they reside in the darkest recesses of Ebay and Amazon Warehouse.
Wow, last time I checked the website they were still available, that sucks, hopefully I can get my hands on some still
Take Philips SHP9500. Make a closed back version. Sell for 60$. Profit.
I will only buy Bose noise cancelling ear phones and headphones
Seriously? May I ask why? A lot of articles I've read about Bose suggest they are all smoke and mirrors (ala *cough* Beats *cough*). I truly believe Bose cares more about their products making their way onto NFL Head Coaches heads and thus into the living rooms of self-indulgent audiophile wannabes than actually producing quality audio reproduction. Over-priced, and under-performing, IMHO.
I'll second that!, Bose is good at 2 things. Sound cancellation technology and marketing. Everything else is just average at best.
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Sony mdr-1a, sony mdr-1am2, meze 99 classics/neo, sennheiser hd598cs, V-moda cossfade m100, audio technica msr7, 1more triple driver, Audio technica m40x, audio technica m60x, and thats all I can think of for now
Agreed... We want audiophile neutral tuned headphone.... Not consumer tuned... Mr speakers aeon ZMF Dt 250-250
ZMF Atticus and Eikon
Beyerdynamic DT250-250 with biger pads and $100, Sennheiser hd250 linear II with biger sensitivity.
  • Beyerdynamic DT PRO 770 250 ohms
  • Beyerdynamic DT PREMIUM 880 600 ohms
  • Koss Porta Pro
  • Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Ebony
What do I look for in a closed back headphone (in descending order of importance):
  • Sound quality (comparable with other models way more expensive than itself)
  • Favorable reviews
  • Sound stage
  • Comfort
  • Clarity, flat response
  • Isolation
  • Portability
What kind of strap/headband do you prefer? Linus Tech Tips said it as much, there's no dispute that Beyerdynamic makes the best headphone band padding with the DT PRO series. All the other headphone manufacturers should just stop trying to come up with their own thing or distinguish themselves and just do whatever Beyerdynamic did with that series. I bought the ZMF headband pad for my TR-X00 and while comfy, was too slippery. My Beyer DT headphones are still the most comfortable headbands I've worn. And I've tried the Sennheiser HE-1 before, mind you. Are there particular brands you like? I've only tried the HiFiMan HE350, Sennheiser HD series (600, 650, 800, 800s, HE-1), Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany, TR-X00 Ebony, and the Beyerdynamic DT 770, and 880, so my breadth of knowledge is not great. Outside of the unaffordable HE-1, the 880 still sounds the best for me. The bass on the Sennheiser HD series is too weak for my liking (outside of the 800s and the HE-1), as much as I'd love for my Beyers to have the warmth and detail of the Sennheiser mids. As for closed-back sound, the Fostex TR-X00 is my endgame and I love the sound. It was down to it or the DT1770 PRO (because I bought the TH-X00 Mahogany for my brother as a gift and was impressed with the sound), and I only picked Fostex because I already own a pair of Beyers and wanted to have something different, and I'm not sure how big of an improvement the 1770 has over the 770 in terms of sound stage and sound quality (I never realized how sibilant the treble and how muddy the bass are on the 770 until I got the 880)
I would say, price to performance is key, easy to change pads, planar drivers, not getting something that is overly detailed in mids or highs, and definately not another set of closed back bass cannons. As far as head bands, I think the takstar/hyperx top pad is one of my all time favorites, it sits next to 58x's for head band comfort, noise isolation wise, I'm looking for something that is more closed than MDR 1A's which have the bass port that lets wind noise in. Must haves are probably, detachable cable with microphone, medium weight or lighter, less than 80 ohms and significantly more efficient than 58x's and t50rp's, NOT he 350 frequency response, and large soundstage traded for mindblowing imaging sounds aiight.
· What do you look for in a closed-back headphone? Noise isolation; wide soundstage; subtle enough for office or public use without looking like a peacock; durable enough for packing in a backpack or attached case frequently · What kind of strap/headband do you prefer? Minimal, clean headband suitable for long usage; good clamping force so it doesn't fall off when walking around outside or moving one's head around · Are there particular brands you like? Fostex don't isolate enough; curious about the Monolith M1060C and the Audeze LCD-XC
a2000z, w5000, period.
I love my modded TH-X00. Classy as hell with the wood cups. Solid magnesium construction. Comfy, lightweight. Average isolation, but on the other hand it has a very spacious sound for a closed back headphone. You should team up with Fostex again going a step further and include the TH900 drivers.
Solid, high-quality metal headband that's well-padded. Large earcups are a plus. Favorite mfgs incl Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and Sony.
I've only really checked out Sennheisers mostly the lower HD2XX models and the Urbanite XLs. Would love to try out more, but always waiting for deals. Paided headbands are a plus.
Must have wireless & charges with USB-C
The Shure 1540 is my favorite closed back but will have a DT770 Studio soon. I wish Grado made a closed back. I have the HiFi man 400 i's and love them.... albeit open back... they are 3rd behind Grado 325e's and HD 650's IMHO. This thread should include a price range. I would be very interested in the right Audeze product also. A $1000 is a bit above my price range right now. Grado sound by far my favorite... LIVELY... feel closer to not only being there... but actually performing the music. Have 80's and 325e's... will have a pair of PS2000e's before I leave this earth. Tyll at IF hates Grados' though... and that is where he and I completely disagree. Thanks for asking Matt. We appreciate you seeking our input.
I'm not super particular on brand or strap style or anything like that> For closed back headphones I'm looking for quality first and foremost, but also portability. I closed back headphones when I'm on the go. I currently use ATH-M50x as my main closed back headphones but was very interested in the Meze 99 Noirs. Something relatively light and easy to take with me, ideally with a short 3.5mm cord or at least good options to switch the cord to.
Audeze, MrSpeaker, HiFiMan - though admittedly, I have never been able to listen to them. Would like to enter this space and get a pair of closed and open back headphones I hear great things about planar - so that would be where I jump in..
For me a higher-end version of the Sennheiser 598CS would be ideal. They sound great, but after many years on this site, I need something....more. The 6XX have ruined most headphones for me I can also live with closed-back Grados
+1 for the Sony MDR-7506. Been using mine for a few years now. Gorgeous sound, fantastic build quality and ultra-portable. Wouldn't mind having another pair on stand-by should anything happen to my current one.
Could be dreaming, but I really really want a pair of closed back Grados... it’s always a pity that I can’t use my PS500e on the train without isolation.
I do most of my headphone listening at work, so while the market is full of high end open backs, I’d really like a pair of nice closed backs. Currently, I have a pair of Audio Technica A500 which have a great soundstage and amazing detail, but a nasty bump around 2khz, while the bass is deep but lacking strength. At the same time, I have a pair of Samson SR-850 which sound absolutely AMAZING for the 35$ they cost. These have a nice bump around 120hz which makes them really fun, even if they’re not quite as detailed as the ATs and their soundstage is smaller. I’ve listened to LCD-2 and LCD-4... too dark. HD800... lovely highs, but weak bass and too low of a clamping force.
What I look for: the usual qualities of closed-back (isolation, bass presence, involvement) without the usual compromises (poor sound stage and aeration, closed-in feeling). Quality of manufacturing and luxurious materials. Unusual drivers are fun. Strap/headband: no damn given as long as they don’t make me look like a loon. Brands in no particular order: Final Audio (with intl. shipping pretty please!), Beyerdynamic, Sony, Klipsch, Kef.
My wishlist: Planar magnetic headphones; 2 year waranty; has a history of excellent QUALITY ASSURANCE (not just, "oh wow, here's a replacement"); user-replaceable parts; I'm willing to pay a bit more for this future product.
Basically, now that the new iPad gets USB-C, I want a pair of high-end headphones that are wireless...
I use a pair of DT1770s at work and was very satisfied. That is, until a co-worker let me try the LCD2 Closed he had just bought — WOW! I’m all in on a LCD2 Closed drop.
I personally have a pair of fostex t50rp mk3's with the shure 1540 pads paired with a modmic 4. Used mainly for gaming and casual listening. With those pads, they are super comfy and imo, the sound/build quality is very good for the price . Also once tried a set of dt770's. Totally recommend them! Definitely have a bassy signature. If I could, I would buy those as well. I think comfort is first thing to look at when you buy a new headphone. Second place sound quality ofcours. Third I would say price and build quality. At last I think you should look if the headphone is praktical enough for your situation. Personally i'm more into bass heavy cans. So I mostley stay away from open back. I once had a set of dt990's. Realy nice pare if you want good set of open backs but like closed back more. (the mk3's have honestly a very decent amount of sound stage for being a closed back design.)