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OK, so this isn't about a new community or anything, this is about massdrop's shipping. This is something that I think could improve massdrop, if you could choose what kind of shipping you wanted; priority, 2-day, 4-day, etc. I would like to see something like amazons shipping options. This may not be possible for them for some reason, but it's just something I personally would like to see.
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Could you please refine your question? Are you referring to why you can't get your product 2-3 days after you order it, or are you referring to why you can't choose the shipping after the product has been bought and fulfilled by Massdrop?
I'm asking why I can't choose 2-3, 4-5, or 7-8 day shipping with different prices. Like amazon's shipping options.
Ah, it's all flat rate... Last I checked you didn't have to pay for shipping? Perhaps I'm not observant enough... Either way, I think it's one of those things that Massdrop does to get the product out the door faster, they don't have to worry about shipping so the date isn't delayed anymore than it already would be...
Here is the real question why are some US customers getting UPS and others getting DHL/USPS for the same drops.... I'm pretty sure we all pay the same amount for shipping.
I didn't know that was happening. And if that's the case, massdrop needs to get their shipping game in order.
Probably depends on distance from the massdrop warehouse, e.g. DHL might fall in the same price bracket to destination X vs UPS which might be more expensive or vice versa. This way they can charge a flat fee for shipping instead of calculating it by weight and distance like you would normally.
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