Aug 11, 2018

Drop for Eric Oches knife(not sure if spelled right)

So it says these sick ochs knives wont ship till Feb 15th. Is that for real? Hope not, that's 5 months away. Come on, please somebody tell me that's a wrong date!

Yep! It can be tough, but patience is key with anything Massdrop. Plus, as an international customer it can add up to 2 weeks on the wait time
On a related note, man I want my Laconico so bad. Feels like I've been waiting for years.
It's real, these knives don't even exist yet asside from a few prototypes. They have to be fit into Reates existing production schedule. So a few months of waiting is a small price to pay for a great knife at a great price. You could wait and hope there are extra, those might get sold with no wait in February, but you might have limited choice if any at all.
Ya makes sense. I guess I just was so freaking stoked about this knife that seeing it wont be available till Feb. Let me down, lol. But shit it's to sick of a knife to let go so cool bro thanks for response!
Some of the preproduction offerings have a six month lead time, it can get harsh on the old patience, but wow are the knives worth it, and the price point is typically untouchable for equivalent quality knives.
Look at the Crux and Buc, $115 and $125 for knives that would cost $200 if they were released as a traditional product line for retailers to distribute.
It's not. They have to manufacture it, quality control, ship it. Always expect the worst. They don't want to provide a date that is not very far away and miss the ship date. Under promise, over deliver