Aug 11, 2018102 views
Swapped out the bracelet for the vintage leather band on the Seiko turtle. The lume of the Seiko always keeps me coming back! Have a good weekend
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I was promising you my new Seiko's picture. It was planned to go with brown strap. But I've changed my mind. It's yellow now.

Thanks for sharing! This is actually what I am planning to do on my Seiko. I just bought the Blue Baby Monster SRPB37K1 plus Nick Mankey's brown leather strap. Will post a pic when it's done. Not that I have something against Seiko's bracelet - they are very comfortable. I just think it's going to look perfectly.
Looks good in leather, I think the nato strap is over rated in the looks department.
cant hit the pool with leather ;)
Looks great on leather. Thanks for sharing. I see a turtle in my future, I just can’t decide which one.
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That is a nice looking turtle.
a slick lookin g seiko