Aug 12, 2018
Happy Seiko Sunday. My beloved Seiko 'Recraft' SRPC13K1 . Love the gorgeous colors on this one.
Fun fact: these Seiko's have been made in a limited (re-)run of only 1969 pieces per type ( it is the re-interpretation of the famous UFO model of 1969; the 6106-6430 ), which is off course a reference to the original year it came out (1969)...
Y'all have a nice Sunday!
Vincent.H, ltopper, and 7 others

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Wow! That looks REALLY good! I've seen these around on the 'net but never been super interested. Your pictures however have me VERY interested. I bet that thing is gorgeous in "real life". Nice work
Well, what's not to like? Limited edition and vintage appeal, right? More picture s to feast your eyes on ;-)
Very nice
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