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Super slow-mo camera recommendations for a novice photographer?

I currently have a 5-year old point-and-shoot (Sony Cyber‑shot DSC‑WX300) that has been great for my needs over the years. However, I have an upcoming trip to Southeast Asia, and am looking to upgrade my camera to one with more modern technology.
Another point-and-shoot should more than suffice for my needs, but I'm really interested in my new camera having super slow-mo capabilities. Not sure if this is possible without breaking the bank though -- any recommendations? Thanks!
ltopper and Duncan

@john.yu @MarkSA Thank you both for the help and recommendations. I'll check them out :)
I’d second this RX100 recommendation - Sony cameras are ahead of the field at the moment and are outstanding. They also have a slightly larger fixed lens camera, the RX10 III that has a Zeiss optical zoom of 24mm to 600mm at f2.8-f4 (unbelievable lens in a compact camera!) that you might want to look at. This 20 Megapixel camera would be a perfect compact travel camera, giving you great detail, the ability to zoom into scenes, as well to focus in on a subject and blur the background with those large apertures. It also has the ability to shoot 4K videos, at 960 frames per second (40x slow motion), in dead silence (another amazing capability). Really worth looking at if you don’t mind a camera a bit larger than the RX100. As a guideline, a 600mm f4 lens by itself costs around $12,000 for an interchangable lens camera (and that wouldn’t be a Zeiss lens either)
Everything is exaggerated here...
It shoots 720p @960 fps (not 4k 960fps)
and a 600 mm lens for an 1 inch sensor does not cost more than a few (max $3000) thousands...
“It shoots 720p 960 fps (not 4k 960fps)”...
Are you going to argue with dpReview’s online video, taken at 4K with this camera?
And here is their comment on the 600mm lens: ”As you can plainly see from our samples gallery, the 24-600mm equivalent F2.4-4 lens is stellar.” Were they ”exaggerating” too?
The Sony RX 100 might be a good fit for the features you're looking for! It's compact (point-and-shoot), features a great sensor, and starting with the Mk IV version it can shoot 960-1000 fps @ 1080p The newest version (Mk VI) can be pricey at $1200 MSRP, but the Mk IV version can be picked up for $800-900 new.