Aug 14, 2018325 views
The Waldhoff Multimatic shot by one of our buyers, who happens to also be a talented photographer. This watch is powered by a Miyota 9100 movement, features sapphire, 316L, and a dial manufactured by a Swatch Group supplier.
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The watch looks interesting, but I suggest you not use a filter on the picture, as it changes the way it will look in person.
Thanks for the input, and you make a good point. We ourselves never use filters for the reason you mentioned, but the above pictures are from one of our buyers who happens to be a photographer, so I suppose he applied the filters. Cheers
I'd not heard of Waldhoff before, but like that a lot. Looked it up expecting it to be expensive and out of my price range... At $675.00, I think you've just got yourself another customer.
Hi Raithmir, thanks for the kind words, and I am glad that you like the design! It is currently promoted at $449 on indiegogo, but we do not know how long they will allow us to sell on there. Cheers