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Interest Check: Home Theater Receivers & Speakers

Hey guys,
We want to know what Receivers & Speakers you like when it comes to your home theater setup. We already source a variety of different products, but are always looking to stay in tune with the interests of the community.
· What do you look for in a receiver? · What do you look for in speakers for your home theater? · What kind of features do you prefer? · Are there particular models and brands you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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Chane audio arx speakers are my favorites
An updated retro-mod bookshelf 2 channel system ala DENON D-M41S Micro CD Hi-Fi Mini System Bluetooth w/Speakers. (add USB, FLAC from the previous M40, wireless speakers, upgraded headphone amp and add a quality phono amp, more power and a solid state hard drive for audio files), not asking for too much.
I am interested in a home theater processor / preamp. Audiocontrol m9, aurrus act4 or muse, anthem, marantz, etc.
Receiver: Audyssey XT, XT32
Speakers: I have enough already, but a voice/driver-matched 5 or 7-speaker set. If I had to do it over again, maybe a set of 5 Chane A2.4 speakers.
Looking for the Denon AVR X4500H or similar Marantz.
Paradigm or Klipsch seems to perform the best.
Paradigm (home theater system) along with a Sony AVR is great. For my PC I'm using ELAC Debut 6.2 bookshelf speakers, a Polk Audio sub and a Pioneer AVR (Creative Soundblaster external sound card) and I couldn't be happier...both systems shake the entire house! I've also, in the past, had a great owning experience with Harman Kardon AVRs, but it appears (not researched extensively) that they've now focused more on the budget market and avoid going up against the true big players of this category.
Tannoy Eclipse [>Speakers]- relatively cheap but neat
Marantz electronics, Denon (same company) electronics. Speakers would be B&W 700 series, Elac and Focal.
You just said what I came here to say. Fantastic performance for decent prices.
One major thing I'm looking for in a receiver is pre-outs. I'm hoping this helps when I out grow my amplification. I've also heard that in recent years manufacturers have been forced to skimp on the internals a bit in order to add features. Next on the list is Atmos support. 4 height channels would be nice but I could get by with 2. Room correction is another must and finally the latest HDR standards. As far as specific models I've been looking at the Yamaha TSR-7810, Marantz SR5012 , or Onkyo TX-RZ820 and Denon AVR-X3500H. I also might jump on an ultra budget 5.1 receiver drop if the price was too low not to. I feel like there are three price tiers of receivers I'd be interested in - $100-$300, $300-$500, and $500 - $900.

As far as speaker brands I've been interested in they are SVS, KEF, JBL, RSL, Vanatoo, Q accoutstics, Pioneer, Definitive Technology, and Monoprice. As far as subs I'd like to see a drop for something rather budget like a monoprice sub for the bedroom and a svs sub. Velodyne has small 8 inch sub I was looking at as well.

Some SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers would be nice along with their 16 Ultra series subs.
Just got a new PC and looking for some speakers with a sub and some clear sound. Nothing crazy, just good sounding and under two hundred. :)
SVS or HSU subwoofers, $500 or less
I have an hsu sub woofer I got from a friends dad. It's really nice and he gave it to me because it's broken. And this is not me knocking how good it sounds but, I have been working on fixing the amplifier section of it. Needless to say the the low price tag comes with some trad-offs. I think the main issue are all of the capacitors. (This rant may only apply to my subwoofer as I have an older model.)

Dr. Hsu, being a Taiwanese man, chose to use Taiwanese components. I have no problem with this except he chose capacitors with literally 0 documentation online from a company that doesn't seem to exist. After hours and hours of research I was able to find some information. Basically the caps are shit. I am in the process of replacing all of them. Not to mention the fact they they fucking glued the filter caps to the pcb.
Maybe this is standard practice and I don't even know but it was really annoying to try and remove these things. Still it's a well designed sub woofer and the way it works is clever.

I don't know why I chose to rant here. But these are my observations of the sub woofer. I would say replace the caps in the main audio line with rubycon or united chemi-con caps. Not these fubao pieces of shit. I heard it while it was working and I think it is a great sounding sub woofer.
I'm partial to Pioneer for receivers and transports but if I see a much better deal will take it from pretty much anyone but Onkyo. Personally I want at least 9.1 channels w/ Dolby Atmos for the receiver. As far as speakers are concerned I'd love to see a drop for Kef Q550 @$350 or less and maybe something higher end like some Martin Logan Motion 40. If I was looking at more entry level speakers Klipsch would take the crown. They're just a little too bright sounding for my taste but, the clarity is hard to match at their entry level price point.

Edit: Kef just announced a new R series and the walnut is gorgeous. If these sound as good as they look I think a drop for them is in order.
Onkyo TX-RZ710 Speakers Klipsch rc-62 -2, lsr30x 2pair fender focal,ect….
I have a Marantz av 7704 in my theater room i think its the bes buy for my use especially for Dolby Atmos
Just bought a new Onkyo receiver, so not much interest there, but Atmos speakers, and Paradigm speaker brand would be a welcome addition to the site.