Dec 12, 20161470 views - Massdrop for Europe / GoFundMe

Hello , I`m Andreas and I want to bring to everyone here in Europe , thousands have been demanding a shop in Europe and I want to make this reality . It would bring the same or even higher discounts as Massdrop`s and all that without sometimes month long shipping , as well as the high import costs .
-No import taxes
-Low shipping prices
-Faster delivery
To make all of this possible I need YOUR HELP .
-Web Programming
-Web Hosting
-Web Designing
And so much more , but this is priority right now as the website is the most important aspect of this project .
Updates will come very soon !
Domain name recommendations are always welcome !
Thank you for your consideration ! - Andreas Gehring
Screenshot from , pictures will come along with the progress of the site .
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