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[LF] Wireless 60% Mx Blue Keyboard

Hey everyone, like the title says, I'm currently looking for a wireless keyboard with the 60% layout. I'm looking for a keyboard without lights (so no rgb/no led), Cherry MX Blue switches and a full black look. I've been looking for a while but can't seem to find one with these characteristics so I'm asking you guys since I don't know much about keyboards myself.
-Cherry Mx Blue
-All black
Also : If we can't find one with mx blues, anything similar to that (clicky, similar actuation force/point)
Thank you very much,
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I have box royal purples and haven't had this problem at all! I wonder if some stems are set at different specs? I imagine they will be addressing this for future batches.
get the kbdfans DDmilli . and just disable the lights. or get the yd60ble
maybe the anne pro? Its available with gatreon blues/box whites and supports bluetooth wireless usage. Only down side is that i think it has RGB leds but i think you can turn it off with function keys.