Aug 15, 2018

Wrong size what to do?

Hi Altra
I participated in the Altra Line Peak 3.5. I received the size 10 I ordered but it's too tight around my midfoot. Massdrop doesn't do exchanges for wrong sizes. Is there anyway you could exchange it for me?

Wait, did you participate on the latest drop? The one where they should have shipped on August 1st? Did you get the message from Massdrop saying there was a delay to the shipment?
I would suggest reaching out to Altra directly. I doubt you'll find much help here.
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Did Massdrop notify you that the shoes had shipped, or did they just show up? I too joined that drop, but I've received nothing and the only communication I've had from Massdrop was telling me there was a delay and they would contact us again in 30 days if they didn't ship. Just wondering what if any info you've gotten.
Yeah, I received a shipping notice with tracking. The tracking didn't really work. Last week it just showed up.