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What would be a decent amp upgrade of Schiit Magni 3 under $300?

I've been wanting to try a different amp other than my current and first amp Schiit Magni 3, pair with Modi 2 DAC. Just wondering which amp is a decent upgrade from Magni 3; do you suggest tube amp? A suggestion of a DAC is also appreciated. I am using HD6XX as my can.

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Meier Corda Jazz, JDS El Amp, or Lake People 103S
Decent upgrade would be THX AAA or LCX if u could stretch your budget another 50$ or so
A few things here - there are "tube amps" that have tubes in the preamp section and still have solid-state power amps (i.e. Schiit Lyr), and there are actual tube amps that have tubes throughout (i.e. Schiit Valhalla). Amps with tube preamp give a slightly warmer presentation and often give you the ability to tube roll, so IMO it's more of a lateral move than an upgrade. If you're going for a full-tube (OTL) amp, you'll find that only high-impedance cans work well. If the HD6XX is your only can, you might enjoy an OTL. If you plan on expanding to the realm of planars, an OTL amp is useless.
If you can find a Gustard H10 they sold in that neighborhood. I love my Cayin iHA-6 but that's a bit beyond your stated price bracket.

Topping offers DAC's sub $300, you can also find Teac UD-301's in the market for a decent price. The schiit and audioquest offerings are also good values.
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