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AMP & DAC ???

Like many people who want to experience an amazing music and great movie experience and videos brought a open back headphone like Sennheiser HD 6XX or HIFI MAN 4 xx or etc
1 so does we need a AMP OR DAC ? or both ?
2 IF yes then which brand n model is compatible or value for money or good investment
3 Does it work with Macbook Pro ?
4 Does it work with Smart TV 55 INCH OR 65 INCH
I am sure if we get good recommendation of any brand or model I am sure there are thousand of people can buy AMP or DAC and make their sound experience good to GREAT ))

Audio is subjective and need is a strong word. However, most times, an Amp/DAC will improve your audio setup. In your case, I think that will definitely be the case.
Since you mainly want to run it with a TV and Macbook Pro, you'll most likely need something with USB and Optical Inputs, you didn't mention if you had any speakers, so my recommendation will be based on that.
Here is my recommendation:
For the money, you get an entirely decent DAC, married to an entirely decent headphone amp that has enough power to run the 6XX and 4XX. Not at the top end of their capabilities, but it'll still sound quite a bit better than your current setup. The M6 has Optical and Coaxial SPDIF Inputs, as well as USB, has support for Hi-Res Audio as well as DSD files. It has a digital volume nub that you can use to switch inputs, or physically switch between the front 1/4" Headphone Out, and the rear RCA Pre-Outs (variable voltage for controlling powered monitors) with a flick to the right of the volume nub. On top of all that, the rear RCAs can be Pre OR Line Outs (fixed voltage for passing to another amplifier) by holding the nub to the right. By far, the best part though, is the remote. Which allows you to control volume and switch outputs and inputs from the comfort of your couch.
Meaning, you could have your TV plugged in via optical, your Macbook connected via USB, your powered monitors in the back and your headphones out the front. You get home and put your headphones on, make sure the output it switched to front and the input is your Macbook so you can listen to music and relax. The next day you've got a party, crank those tunes with the remote after you switch to your speakers!
Honestly, for the price, the feature set is amazing. I'm using an older version without the remote right now to power my current speaker/media PC's audio duties.
Anyways, good luck man.
Well is good to have an Amp or Dac to goes along. But all this electronics thing does get into the way or might sound worse . First try to read alot more what Amp or Dac . Understand the principles. Then to the kind of music you normally perfer to listen . If for example more to classic Amp with lot of watts is perfer. In rock , pop etc... Dac would be more perfer ,all this info are my personal perferance . Hope enjoy more with your head phone.thanks.