Aug 16, 2018

Suggestions for a lefty

I was born in the Eastern Block. I leaned to write on chinese fountain pens, and I will always hold the fountain pens in the highest regard.
I currently have a venerable Parker Frontier, gifted to me some 15 years ago. I have used it on and off for a while now, but - the ink flow is... not great. As such, it scratches, something fierce.
Therefore - I would like to upgrade. I am going to spend a bit, therefore my price range would be 120 - 250 USD.
1. Left handed Nib. I read in an article on this page that such things exist!!!!
2. Medium Nib/flow.
3. It must have a converter.

These are it. So... Please share and tell me what you have in mind, what you have read about, what would you suggest!!!!

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