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Supporting small businesses

Hey Massdrop,
I've been on Massdrop since 2013 and I've definitely seen it boom but it seems more and more that a lot of the products being featured are geared towards higher-end and well-known brands. This is awesome! I have no problems with that but I've also seen a decline in smaller vendors and as a result, instead of just complaining about it, I'd like to introduce an acquaintance from college who has taken a risk, left his job to follow his passions and develop a company around lightweight backpacking. He's just starting out but at the same time, he's willing to spend time developing his craft along-side those who wish to do the same, whether they can afford his products or not. So please, take some time to check him out.
He'll be releasing a new line of ultralight backpacks this Monday December 19th so be on the lookout!

Any support is appreciated, thanks Massdrop!
He is streaming himself and his creation process tomorrow on facebook at 1PM EST .
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