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[Ongoing] Show & Tell: What’s in Your Bag?

Hi again, Beauty Community!
Welcome to the What’s in Your Bag? thread, where you can upload photos of your on the go beauty essentials.
Feel free to include product names and what you love about them so we can all learn more!
Vincent.H, Max Anhalt, and 6 others

I always carry Drunk Elephant Lippe, Paula’s Choice SPF 30 lip sunscreen, and a variety of lipsticks and glosses. Current faves are Anastasia BH lip gloss and Huda Beauty liquid lip, although I’m over Huda and not buying from her line again for ethical reasons. I also love Black Moon liquid lipsticks - the absolute best formulation that I have encountered thus far!
Thank you for sharing! I haven't heard of Black Moon before, I'll have to check them out!
I love Burts Bees and keep their chapstick in every one of my purses! I also always keep my L'occitane hand cream, MILK ubame mascara, and NARS radiant concealer (for reapplication or the sudden skin blemish) on hand.
If a backpack can count as a bag, I also carry around some Burts Bees chapstick with me constantly. After moving to UT I realized how brutal the dry air could be.
Exactly! Dry and chapped lips are the worst so I avoid it at all costs!