May 27, 20161495 views

Otrona Attache - Vintage 60%

srbcca, @Winkeyless, and 23 others

I really love the orange accents on this machine, looks like something out of the future of the past.
Today I learned that I need those keycaps
Wow... That's amazing!!
The layout is weird for me but it looks so classy.
This is what laptops really aspire to be. ;)
Oh man. I saw this in the email and thought there was a drop for it. Oh well
What does "reset" do?
Don't press the reset button!
that's awesome!!!
What a tease. I was linked here from a massdrop email and thought it was actually a group buy...
Yeah, me too. I was ready to purchase :)
Nice find! Where'd ya pick that up?
Nice :)
wow, this is awesome and I'd like to have a set of keycaps like this
It even has vintage pubic hairs stuck between the keycaps.
What a beaut. How's it feel?
Smooth heavy linears. Uses the rare Fujitsu Leaf Spring Gen 1 switches
Looks like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Love it.
This is just amazing. Spot in with the 2001 reference. I would love to have something like this. And it looks like it's in amazing shape!
thats super clean I like it
Where do I even begin? What a beauty?!?