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Retro keys that need a keyboard to go to.

Several months ago there was a deal for a Retro 108 key Typewriter Keycap set. (Had I known it was only keys I wouldn't have bought it but my lack of understanding failed me) I'm looking for a keyboard that will take these keys and look complimentary with it. If anyone knows a keyboard base that is rounded at the corners with volume keys and function key would be a great help. Though if anyone knows of a way to build a custom keyboard with key layout mapping would probably be better in this case. This would also include room for function, volume control and other things.

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Maybe something like this. The edges can be rounded and has Cherry switches , can be placed keys that you have.
How are people supposed to help you without providing a picture or link. Do you think people should search MD for old drops or use Google to help you?
Correct, or these:
The more we get of information, the better the help may be.
What i can offer, credit to superfalse, a member of my German community:
More pictures: -
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