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Top 5 Beauty Picks for a Fresh Face


Hey everyone!
Today I'm going to be sharing my favorite products from Massdrop! A few things I look for in a beauty product: natural ingredients that I know won't harm my skin and simply a product that makes me feel confident and excited to wear it! If you wear minimal makeup like me, here are some products that'll help you get a fresh face look.
My Top 5 Products for a Fresh Face:
Earth Tu Face Honey + Coconut Mask: This mask makes the top of my list because a) I love face masks in general and b) this face mask in particular smells and feels amazing.

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner: I've worn eyeliner on and off for years now with varying levels of success. Through trial and error, I've found gel eyeliner to be the perfect product because it gives you the sharp definition of liquid eyeliner with the control of a pencil.

Tony Moly Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack: This product is a new discovery for me, but I'm already hooked! It provides major damage control and moisture without leaving an oily residue or chemical smell like a lot of other hair treatments.

Earth Tu Face Jasmine Lotion: I find so many floral scented products to just smell like cheap imitations of the actual thing, and was super happy to find Earth Tu Face's Jasmine Lotion is an exception! It's made with real jasmine flower extract along with other naturally sourced ingredients that make a world of difference!


Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream: Instead of a full face of heavy foundation, I opt for BB Cream since it provides coverage while still letting my skin breathe. My skin also tends to be on the oiler side so the matte finish of this helps keep me feeling fresh faced all day.

What beauty product do you use for a fresh face?
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