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Corsair K95 Cherry MX (Red) Keyboard

I'm relatively new to mech keys and massdrop altogether. But I'm a gamer, and at the moment I have to play on a really poor dell keyboard that I found lying around. I've had my eye on a mechanical keyboard for a while because I've felt how great they are to type on and how responsive they are for gaming. I would really be interested in buying a keyboard around this calibre, and was wondering if anyone else would be interested in getting a keyboard like the one in the title, so that maybe we can get a price drop. This keyboard in particular is great because it has a lot of macro keys which is really useful for me in gaming, and I think others will also find them useful.
P.S. I like the reds but I also like the blues so I don't mind whichever one the community wants if a talks of a drop are in the air.

Corsair is a titan of a company and I doubt they would ever deal with massdrop and that's not cause massdrop is bad that's cause corsair has no need to.
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Yeah, like I said when I originally replied to this Corsair drops are very infrequent. I think there was a "Strafe" one from a few months back but Im not entirely sure. Corsair/Razer boards aren't really my cup of tea.
I use a corsair k65 and its not bad but they have a ugly logo bad software and I desperately want a detachable cable and while I can I dont know if it would work with this board since it uses two cables. ive been trying to find a new tenkeyless but I just love the shape of the k65 too much.
Sorry but no thanks. Non - standard bottom row.
Something to keep in mind about the Corsair boards is that the bottom row has a bunch of non-standard keycap sizes in it, so finding caps for it if you ever decide to change from the stock ones can be a real pain.
As far as drops go, it's infrequent that Corsair boards actually get on here because they aren't that sought after in the mech community. You could scroll through the previous drops to find one that already happened which you would have been interested in, then request a redrop there, or you could start an interest check/poll and go from there/hope for the best (although that would likely take much longer).