May 29, 2016

[On-Going] Show & Tell: Post Your Setup / Battlestation

Thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to showing off your shrine, so here goes nothing

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Temporarily living in an apartment above one of my businesses, so not at all my full set up, my rgb ambiance lights are all still in storage, and my turntables are on a separate rack that i Couldn’t fit into the image. The little monitor to the right is a 13 inch touchscreen that I have mounted on a gooseneck versa mount I pieced together, and it works amazingly! also couldn’t fit my gaming chair in the image either because of space constraints but you get the idea. The whole system is running off a 2010 Mac Pro (3.46 GHz 6 core x 2, 48 GB @ 1333 Mhz, 1Tb pci-e SSD, GTX 1060 acer dual model at 6Gb) that I way over spec’ed (the gtx 1060 card’s fans almost never turn on even with 4 monitors running simultaneously at 1080p lol) and would give apretty much anycurrent generation Mac Pro (trash can, aka garbage lol) a severe @ss whopping! Lol and it does it for a fraction of the cost (the current top tier trash can is the only one that just ever so slightly out paces mine on benchmark scores). In the process of setting my work office up even more substantially, and I’ll post once I’m finished, but in the mean time I have to comment that everyone should really consider LG’s 43 inch IPS 4K monitor, its the best purchase I’ve made so far this year, and I think it’s up as a drop at a decent price right now.
That 43”4K monitor is nice!!! And a great price too! Picked one up for my arcade cabinet
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Sick setup im guessing that giant tv is used to watch tv or play games
Yes it is used for both. Its hard to tell but there is an xbox on top of the left set of drawers, which has since moved to replace the left computer.
Put this together a few months back.
Wow. This makes me jealous 😂
bit of a mess
I wanted to go with a low profile style. Let me know your thoughts. I go back and forth on getting a second monitor for side applications. (Documents, chat programs, that kind of thing.)
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I like this style its simple and looks good question would you prefer xbox or ps4
I typically go for the PS4 because many Microsoft games are on PC as well. Though that monitor isn't good for consoles due to the wide screen. I've been going back and forth on getting a 4K monitor, but I'm not sure yet.
my good old workstation MSI 1080ti - I7-6700k 16gb ram all the good stuff

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Edifier Luna Eclipse E25 on the left and right sides and then a sound blasterx katana sound bar and
Very nice! Dig it.
Dallas, Texas

Main: Acer x34 Predator
Verticals: LG 4k
7700k, 1080GTX, GSkill 16GB, Asus Tuf Mark 1
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Seal of approval if saw what your desk looks like
My desk before I added my 3rd monitor and went vertical :) SidTheKid