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[On-Going] Show & Tell: Post Your Setup / Battlestation

Thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to showing off your shrine, so here goes nothing

Post pictures of your battlestation here!
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Here's my system, the Plum Crazy Challenger, heres the specs:
i5 8600k @ 5.0Ghz
32 gigs of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM
EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3
256 gigs on my Intel SSD/500 on my MX500/1 terabyte on my Seagate drive
EVGA 750G2 with custom cables that are going to be replaced soon.
Limited Purple NZXT S340 Elite, number 1139 with Hue+ accessories.

I hope y'all like my build, it's always getting worked on and I enjoy using it alot.
CR-10 3D Printer
24” Curved Sumsung monitors (x2)
Razor Chroma mechanical keyboard
logitech mouse
-Alienware Aurora R7
— i7
– liquid cooling
— 1080 Ti
— 32 gb RAM
— 1 Terabyte storage
-Vivo sit/stand stand and motors with a wooden top from amazon
-i7 8700k at 5.0 GHZ
-H115i AIO cooler
-GTX 1070
- 3TB of Raid 0 and another 500gb of SSD
- Sennheiser headset 🔥
New desk

My old desk
A work in progress...
Dell laptop...I don't have all the specs on me atm, but it's a 12G refurbished model.

Altec Lansing speakers - These things are about 20 years old and still sound awesome. I bought them at a warehouse sale where they sold tablets for $15-$20 and other electronics for dirt cheap.

2 Desks :) The wooden one is to replace the other half of the glass desk. The half I don't use has a shelf on top that does nothing but get in the way.

Killabee chair - a new purchase, fairly priced and quite comfy

Samsung 32-inch curved monitor

To the left and not in the pic is a PS4 Slim. Anybody out there play Destiny 2 w/ all the DLCs?
feels really comfy, sure gives a production atmosphere

Samsung 40" MU7000 4K
Corsair Air 540
Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero
Intel i7-7700k
Corsair H100i v2
MSI 1080Ti Gaming X
G. Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4
3x Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
WD Black 5TB
Corsair AX760i
Ducky One/2 tenkeyless
Qisan number pad
Razer Diamondback Blue Plasma (best mouse ever devised by man!!)
IKEA Galant desk (need to clean up the cable mess... someday)

Dell XPS 13 (9370)
i7-8550 • 4K InfinityEdge
16GB DDR4 • 500GB M.2

Gustard DAC-X20 Pro
Crown XLS 2502
American Audio LED Meter
SVS SB-2000
Behringer Monitor 1
Your setup stuck out to me because of the KEF LS50s! And an ELAC Uni-fi UB5 off to the left?
Thanks! Yeah, I have a pair of the UB5 hooked to my TV audio. The UB5 was on my computer until I found the LS50 on sale for $900 (new!), last Black Friday.
Updated rig from my post below.
- i7-8700K with 32GB 2400 RAM and a MSI 1080Ti Armor
- LG 4K Monitor for console gaming
- Asus IPS 1440p G-Sync for PC gaming
- AudioEngine A5+
- Rode NT-USB Mic
- Awesome FF6 art
- Bell's Oberon beer
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He's got it right. That's the one I have. They've raised the price by $50 since I got it, but I'd still recommend it in a heartbeat.
where did you get your desk? I'm looking to get a desk like yours(maybe a little less in the width) and combine two of them to kinda make an L shape
T-XO / CTH / BasxA-100 / Roon & Foobar2000. Elac unifi UB5 driven by the A-100 .

My full build‘s here
but in the tower I have an
Intel 7500
msi titanium 1070ti
16 gb of vengence ddr4

I'll add my setup here - PC isn't in the shot though, it's on the right side of the desk.
PC: ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme w/ Intel i7 6700K @ 4.7Ghz 32GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB Samsung 960Pro, 3x4TB Western Digital Black, Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080Ti
Monitor: LG 34UC88
Speakers: KEF LS50 Wireless – Black/Blue
Headphones: Shure SRH-1540, Sennheiser HD-6XX (MD), Logitech UE9000, Turtle Beach X7 Pro
Headphone Amp/DAC: NuForce Icon HDP
Keyboard: Logitech G810
Mouse: Logitech G903 Consoles: Xbox One S, PS4 Pro

Samsung 4K 55HU6950F Apple Mac Pro OWC ThunderBay 4 20TB Raid Drive G-Tech® Studio 8TB External G-Tech® Raid 8TB External (2) Sonos Play:5 Sonos Sub (White) NES Classic Edition / Super Nintendo Classic Phillips Hue Lightstrips | Bridge Gen 2.0 | Color Ambiance Tingkam® RGB LED Flexible Strip Light
OMEN X (gtx 1080) laptop powered, for play at home or on the road.
Aeron chair is the best thing I ever invested in ... otherwise:

6700K @ 4.7ghz
MSI GTX 1080ti Seahawk
27" Acer 144hz 1440p IPS G Sync (for everything but twitchy FPS)
27" Asus SWIFT 144hz 1440p TN G Sync (for twitchy FPS)
48" Samsung JS9000 4K TV

It won’t win any beauty contests but it works for me!
Left: mid 2011 27” iMac, 3.4 GHz Intel I7, 8GB of RAM, AMD HD 6970M 2GB, 2TB HDD
right monitor: Sceptre C325W
Audio: Cyber Acoustics CA-3602
Equipment: Razer Orbweaver Chroma, Razer Naga Chroma, Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Razer Firefly, Xbox One controller, Neewer NW-800 mic set
Gpu: GTX 1060 3GB
CPU: AMD FX-6300 (3.5 ghz)
Storage: Combined 6TB
And finally a Kinsal Gaming chair
Would look 10x better just by picking up all the trash lol.