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Pickpocket Proof Travel Pants!
Includes double and triple secure theft proof design. 100% soft quick-dry nylon with DWR coating. A very versatile pant for supreme confidence when traveling.
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Is this really a necessary product? Double- and triple-protection on pockets just sounds like double- and triple-irritation when I want to get my wallet out.
I've traveled in sketchy parts of sketchy places and I firmly believe there is no substitute for vigilance and common sense to avoid becoming a victim of theft. I don't think these pants accomplish any more than I could accomplish simply by moving my wallet from my back jeans pocket to my front pocket and staying aware of who is around me at all times.
Also--there are no pickpockets in a nudist colony—makes these pants totally useless!
I completely agree that if you’re looking to these pants as a substitute for vigilance then you’re better off staying home. The nice thing about these pants are they allow you to flip the button over and leave the zipper open so they are just as easy to access as regular pants. These just offer me more confidence in places where the risks are highest, and I can’t afford to loose my stuff (i.e. traveling to a third world country). They also allow me to divert more attention to keeping my family accounted for in possibly dangerous areas.
Thanks for sharing. Is there a brand associated? Do these come in a shorts version?
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that's awesome - I hope you have a great trip!
Thanks bro!