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Looking for IEMs around 50 to 250$

Hi everyone.
I need help! I'm playing bass guitar in a Metallica tribute We use sennheiser wireless monitoring and we play all kind of venues (arenas, small to big festivals, bars, etc...)., between 50 and 100 shows a every year.
So I need to know what you think would be the best iem and beat ear tips for me. I am looking for best isolation, comfort and sound! I am looking also for iem that stay in place when you are headbanging ;)
Thanks in advance. And big really special thanks to MASSDROP (one of the best site ever)
If anyone wants to see what we're doing :

Can't really answer your question, but I'm willing to bet your hearing would last a lot longer if you joined a "Carpenters" tribute band instead.
You know,--just say'n...