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no longer receiving any massdrop emails???

it started a while ago and ive been trying to do everything i can to fix it but nothing works can someone help me with this its very annoying to keep missing all the new emails from you guys. i did check my account email settings and they are fine. please help. thank you
Kamlesh-Singh-bisht and Duncan

Hi, there are many users not receiving emails from Massdrop, kindly check this post to why you are not receiving emails or you can contact email support team at email support number.
I have the same issue! Haven't been receiving any for a while!
Our logs show you filed a spam complaint in June, so our system stopped sending you promo emails. I've removed the block.
If you are receiving types of emails that you do not want to receive, use the Unsubscribe link in the email or uncheck them on your email settings page: .
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Weird. We'll take a look into this.